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A diplomat is a person who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip.
Caskie Stinnett

By Azra Isakovic

Thursday, February 11

Good morning

Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


Michel Foucault“The Last Man Takes LSD – Foucault and the End of Revolution” by Mitchell Dean and Daniel Zamora | Verso Books
Pandémie – Les capitalismes à l’épreuve de la pandémie, par Robert Boyer  | Éditions La Découverte


Welfare State – « Welfare without the welfare state »: the death of the postwar welfarist consensus, by Anton Jäger & Daniel Zamora | NewStatesman
Nord Stream 2 – The Battle of Nord Stream 2 Narratives  Michael Richter | Riddle
China – The Roots of Cultural Genocide in Xinjiang  Sean Roberts | Foreign Affairs
Pandemic – Merkel’s Pandemic Failure  Markus Feldenkirchen | Der Spiegel
Taiwan –  The State Department’s Bipartisan Taiwan Diplomacy  Jimmy Quinn | Nat’l Review
Trump – Trump’s Worst 2 Military Mistakes for Biden to Fix  Bradley Bowman | Foreign Policy
Technology – Innovation Wars, Christopher Darby and Sarah Sewell | Foreign Affairs
Digital – Competing with China’s Digital Silk Road, Jonathan E. Hillman | Center for Strategic and International Studies
Digital/NATO – Cyber Defence in NATO Countries: Comparing Models, Alessandro Marrone and Ester Sabatino | Istituto Affari Internazionali
Health/Europe – Why Europe Is Falling Behind on Vaccines, Eyck Freymann, Elettra Ardissino, Foreign Policy
US/Yemen – Accomplice to Carnage: How America Enables War in Yemen, Robert Malley and Stephen Pomper, Foreign Affairs
Energy – How tech went big on green energy, Leslie Hook and Dave Lee, Financial Times
Energy – Biden faces climate dilemma over LNG exports to Europe, Dave Keating and Justin Gerdes, Energy Monitor
Climate – Welcome to the Era of Competitive Climate Statecraft, Carolyn Kissane, Foreign Policy
China/Central and Eastern Europe – China’s Eastern Europe Strategy Gets the Cold Shoulder, Stuart Lau, Politico
Black Sea – Strategic sovereignty in the EU’s Southeastern neighborhood: The Black Sea as part of a larger geopolitical region, Stefan Meister | Heinrich Böll Stiftung

Research & Analysis

Proliferation – Strategic Risk Reduction between Nuclear-Weapons Possessors, by  Corentin Brustlein | IFRI 📥 PDF
France/Defense – Rethinking our Defense in the Face of 21st Century Crises, Institut Montaigne 📥 PDF
US/OSCE – United States of America General Elections | OSCE
US/EU/India – Paths to Post-Pandemic Partnership, Mihir Swarup Sharma, German Marshall Fund
EU/India – The EU-India Partnership: Follow-up, Focus, and Free Trade, Maurice Fermont, German Marshall Fund


Covid, saison 3 (3/4) : Etats-Unis : la paupérisation qui vient |  France Culture

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing

Aucun homme n’a jamais été sage par hasard. ~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 13, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


Books📚 – Une guerre perdue. La France au Sahel, par Alain Antil | Politique étrangère
Books📚 – « The Back Channel. A Memoir of American Diplomacy and the Case for Its Renewal » de William J. Burns, par Laurence Nardon | Politique étrangère
Books📚 – Les maîtres de l’espionnage par Eugène Berg | Conflits


Technology – CRISPR and the Slice to Survive, Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker  
Technology/EU/US – EU hopes for ‘tech alliance’ with Biden after Trump Huawei 5G ban, Giannis Seferiadis, Rhyannon Bartlett-Imadegawa, Nikkei Asia 
Turkey –Erdogan’s great game: Soldiers, spies and Turkey’s quest for power, Laura Pitel, Financial Times 
Belarus – Has Lukashenko Won? Slawomir Sierakowski, Project Syndicate
US – Yes, It Was a ‘coup.’ Here’s Why, Fiona Hill, Politico 
US – America’s Authoritarian Adversaries Seize the Moment, Jimmy Quinn, National Review 
US – The Day the internet Came for Them, Nina Jankowicz, Foreign Affairs  
US – Trump Team Makes Last-Minute Moves to Box In Biden on Foreign Policy, Robbie Gramer and Jack Detsch, Foreign Policy  
UK/Indo-Pacific – ‘Global Britain’: The UK in the Indo-Pacific, Anisa Heritage and Pak K. Lee, The Diplomat 
EU – The EU’s enlargement agenda is no longer fit for purpose, Erwan Fouéré, CEPS
How America Can Shore Up Asian Order  Kurt Campbell & Rush Doshi, Foreign Affairs
Does China Need More Russian, Central Asian Gas?  S. Kapitonov & T. Umarov, MT
Bitcoin Has Ambitions for Gold’s Role Gavyn Davies, Financial Times
EU/UK/Trade – The double irony of the new UK-EU trade relationship, André Sapir, Bruegel  
Sweden’s Journey From Model to Pandemic Pariah  C. Karlsson, Worldcrunch


Research & Analysis

EU/UK – The EU-UK trade and co-operation agreement: A platform on which to build? Sam Lowe | CER PDF 📥  
Germany – Merkel’s Successor: None of the Above?  Sophia Besch & Christian Odendahl, CER  
US/NAT – The Biden Transition and Reshaping U.S. Strategy: Replacing “Burden Sharing” with Meaningful Force Planning, Anthony H. Cordesman with the assistance of Grace Hwang, CSIS
Arctic – Constant and Changing Components of the Arctic Regime, Alexander N. Vylegzhanin, in Kristina Spohr and Daniel S. Hamilton, editors, Jason Moyer, associate editor


Opération Barkhane – La France doit-elle se retirer du Sahel ? | France Culture
États-Unis/Occupation du Capitole – Un après-guerre mal négocié ? | France Culture


Azra_Files : Your Wednesday Briefing

À force de ne jamais réfléchir, on a un bonheur stupide.

Jean Cocteau

Good morning

Here’s what you need to know today

Russia/Japan/ Russia deploys advanced S-300 missiles to disputed islands near Japan | Reuters

Russia/ Moldova/  Moscow Says Call To Leave Moldovan Breakaway Region ‘Irresponsible’ | Barron’s

EU/US – A new transatlantic bargain: An action plan for transformation, not restoration, Julien Barnes-Dacey, et al., European Council on Foreign Relations

China / Australia/ The World in a Vise: Sounding the Alarm on China, Then Running for Shelter By Damien Cave | The New York Times

NATO/China/ NATO should expand its focus to include China, a high-level assessment of the alliance’s future says | The Wall Street Journal

NATO – NATO 2030: United for a New Era. Analysis and recommendations of the Reflection Group appointed by the NATO Secretary General | NATO 

Technology/China/US – The Great 5G Race: Is China Really Beating the United States? Doug Brake and Alexandra Bruer, ITIF 

US/Asia-Pacific/Trade – Rebuild the Trans-Pacific partnership back better, Jeffrey J. Schott, PIIE   

EU/Security – CFSP: The capability-expectation gap revisited, Annegret Bendiek, Minna Ålander, and Paul Bochtler, SWP 

NATO/Europe/ The role of NATO for Europe’s defense Status and options for further development from a German perspective, by Claudia Major | SWP PDF 📥 :

EU – Still governing in the shadows? Member states and the Political & Security Committee in the post‐Lisbon EU foreign policy architecture Journal of Common Market Studies 

Europe/China – Europe wakes up to the China challenge, Lionel Barber, Nikkei Asia  

Digital/Europe – How nine digital frontrunners can lead on AI in Europe, McKinsey 

Digital/US/EU – EU-US Cybersecurity Policy Coming Together: Recommendations for instruments to accomplish joint strategic goals, Julia Schuetze, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung 

Disinformation – Tackling online abuse and disinformation targeting women in politics, Lucina Di Meco and Saskia Brechenmacher, Carnegie Endowment   

The Next Liberal Order The Age of Contagion Demands More Internationalism, Not Less By G. John Ikenberry | Foreign Affairs

Syria/ Air strike kills IRGC commander at Iraq-Syria border – Iraqi officials By Reuters Staff

Middle East/Yemen/ The Houthis and misuse of the terrorist organization list | Responsible Statecraft

Middle East/ Yemen/ UN: 11 children killed in 2 attacks in Yemen By AHMED AL-HAJ The Associated Press @AP