Your Friday Briefing

Tout pouvoir est une conspiration permanente.” Honoré de Balzac

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 29, 2021

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Welcome to Your Friday Briefing


Climat – « Climat, la démission permanente » par Cyrille Cormier | Editions Utopia | Decitre
Book Review – Last of the Libertines  Theodore Dalrymple, Law & Liberty
Essay – Harold Bloom’s ‘Rage for Reading’  Robert Gottlieb, The New York Times


US – Biden administration pauses Trump’s foreign weapons sales, Connor O’Brien, Politico 
US/EU/Digital – 5 charts that explain the digital transatlantic relationship, Mark Scott, Politico   
EU/Health – How Europe fell behind on vaccines, Jillian Deutsch and Sarah Wheaton, Politico   
EU/UK/Health – Delays in covid-19 vaccine delivery are causing tempers to flare and timetables to slip, The Economist 
Arms Control – Saving the Open Skies Treaty, Steven Pifer, Brookings 
Turkey/Eastern Mediterranean – Turkey, Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean: Charting a way out of the current deadlock, Galip Dalay, Brookings  
Russia/Foreign Policy – Russian Foreign Policy in 2020, András Rácz (ed.), DGAP  
Germany/Russia/Energy – Nord Stream 2:Sanctions, Skullduggery and Solutions, Alan Riley, CEPA  
Iran Deal – Netanyahu’s Risky Gambit on Iran Deal  Kurtzer, Miller & Simon, Responsible Statecraft 


Research & Analysis

Corruption – Corruption Perceptions Index 2020, Transparency International 
Russia/Foreign Policy – Russian Foreign Policy in 2020, András Rácz (ed.), DGAP  
EU – Anti-Money Laundering in the EU, Karel Lannoo and Richard Parlour, CEPS 
China – The Longer Telegram: Toward a New China Strategy  Atlantic Council
China – Myths, Realities of China’s Military-Civil Fusion  Elsa Kania & Lorand Laskai, CNAS 
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bosnia to war, to Dayton, and to its slow peace, Carl Bildt, ECFR 
Climate/Trade – Toward a Climate-Driven Trade Agenda, Jack Caporal and William Reinsch, CSIS  


Climat – La démission permanente |  France Inter

Your Tuesday Briefing

“Power without abuse loses its charm.”
Paul Valéry

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 26, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


Russia – Russia Rising: Putin’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa by Dimitar Bechev (Editor), Nicu Popescu (Editor), Stanislav Secrieru (Editor) | Barnes & Noble
États-Unis/monopoles – Du danger des monopoles  par Pierre-Cyrille Hautcoeur | La Vie des idées


Egypt’s Arab Spring –#Jan25: 10 years Later by zeynep
Egypt’s Arab Spring – How hopes for Egypt’s Arab Spring were crushed , by Bel Trew | The Independent
Digital – Cyber ‘Deterrence’: A Brexit Analogy, Ciaran Martin, Lawfare 
Digital/EU – 5 things to know about the EU’s new Google cases, Simon van Dorpe, Politico 
US/Economy –Biden set for ‘buy American’ push to boost domestic manufacturing, James Politi, Financial Times
US/Russia – Biden’s predecessors emboldened Putin. Here’s how he can get Russia right, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Washington Post  
Russia/US/Europe –How Russia and the West try to weaken each other, Nicu Popescu, ECFR 
Germany/US – How Germany can Work With Biden to Rebuild Trans-Atlantic Ties, Daniela Schwarzer, DGAP  
EU/Western Balkans/Defense – Enlarging the European Defence Union to the Western Balkans, Dylan Macchiarini Crosson, CEPS 
EU/India – Beijing’s rise rekindles EU-India romance, Barbara Moens, Politico  
Estonia – Estonia gets new government, first female PM, Pekka Vanttinen, Euractiv 
Portugal – President Rebelo de Sousa wins landslide reelection in Portugal, Paul Ames, Politico 

Research & Analysis

Technology – Who is Winning the AI Race: China, the EU, or the United States? Daniel Castro, Center for Data Innovation
Grand Strategy of Restraint – Implementing Restraint  RAND


Histoire du mensonge (2/4) : Calomnies, rumeurs et murmures, comment circulaient les fausses informations ? Xavier Mauduit avc Maïté Billoré, Pierre-Carl Langlais et Julien Schuh | France Culture
Histoire du mensonge (1/4) – Les démocraties ont-elles inventé la propagande ?

China – Four Principles to Guide U.S. Policy Toward China

Your Wednesday Briefing / 16 December 2020

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. – Plato

Azra Isakovic

16 December 2020

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know

ArcticThe Arctic and World Order, | Johns Hopkins SAIS/Brookings Institution Press 

Digital/Russia/US – Hackers have vaulted into the heart of America’s government, The Economist 
Digital/EU – The Digital Services Act: ensuring a safe and accountable online environment, European Commission
Digital/EU ­– The Digital Markets Act: ensuring fair and open digital markets, European Commission 
Digital/EU – Putting digital services at the service of Europeans, Margrethe Vestager and Thierry Breton, Irish Times
US/Germany – Preserving America’s Military Posture in Germany, Bradley Bowman and Ben Hodges, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
US/UK – The US-UK trade talks that Joe Biden inherits, Anna Isaac, Politico 
US/Eastern Mediterranean– American Interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, Eric Edelman and Aykan Erdemir, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies 
EU/US/Turkey/Russia – Peeling Turkey Away from Russia’s Embrace: A Transatlantic Interest, Nathalie Tocci, Istituto Affari Internazionali 
NATO/Russia – NATO-Russia Crisis Brief, Nuclear Crisis Group
US/Democracy – A Democracy Summit Is Not What the Doctor Ordered, James Goldgeier and Bruce W. Jentleson, Foreign Affairs 
EU/Democracy – EU still lacks a ‘silver bullet’ for bringing autocrats to heel, Ben Hall, Financial Times 
Bosnia and Herzegovina –Dayton at 25: Time for Effective and Functional Government in Bosnia, R. Bruce Hitchner, Balkan Insight 

Germany Fares Poorly in Second Wave of Coronavirus  Lukas Eberle et al, Spiegel
China Seems Ready for a Fight Over Taiwan  James Holmes, 1945
China’s Nationalists See a World Turning Their Way  Chris Buckley, New York Times
Maybe Brexit Isn’t So Bad After All  Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg
How the Brexit Fairy Tale Ends  Gavin Esler, The National
Measuring Soft Power  Margaret Seymour, FPRI

The Hidden Cost of Digital Consumption, by Halden Lin, Aishwarya Nirmal, Shobhit Hathi & Lilian Liang (Parametric Press 19/10)
US Indicts Sandworm, Russia’s Most Destructive Cyberwar Unit, by Andy Greenberg (Wired 19/10