September Briefing #2

 “I’m of the opinion that it’s okay to be silent, to not speak if you don’t have anything to say.”
Cate Blanchett

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021

Good Afternoon

Welcome to Your September Briefing #2


Chine – Les opérations d’influence chinoises – Un moment machiavélien, Paul Charon et Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer | IRSEM – RAMH | IRSEM


UK – The Rise and Fall of the British Nation. A Twentieth-Century History, David Edgerton | Penguin Books
Neoliberalism – Market Civilizations, Quinn Slobodian & Dieter Plehwe | Zone Books | Princeton University Press
Neoliberalism – The Triumph of Broken Promises: The End of the Cold War and the Rise of Neoliberalism, Fritz Bartel | Harvard University Press


FranceMiroir, mon beau miroir, dis-moi si je suis encore une grande puissance? Jean-Do Merchet | l’Opinion
China – China’s ’Dual Cycle’ development model and the digital revolution, Emily de La Bruyere | Hinrich Foundation
China – Is Evergrande « China’s Lehman moment »? by Adam Tooze
Europe‘Brussels as the new Moscow’ | International Politics & Society
Aukus The new Australia, UK, and US nuclear submarine announcement | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
AukusIs the AUKUS alliance meaningful or merely provocation? | Chatham House
Aukus The Observer view on Anglo-French relations, Observer editorial | The Guardian
AukusMaking waves in the Pacific: how Boris Johnson’s Global Britain went rogue, Simon Tisdall | The Guardian
Economy How and why the idea of a national economy is radical, David Edgerton [PDF]  
UK L’ascension, la chute… et l’éclatement de la nation britannique ?  ITW de David Edgerton, Louis de Catheu | GEG
Europe Europe’s reputation as a cosmopolitan haven has been exposed as a mirage, Hans Kundnani | The Guardian

Research & Analysis

GlobalGlobal Catastrophic – Risks 2021: Navigating the Complex Intersection | Global Challenges Foundation
UK/ChinaThe UK and China’s security and trade relationship: A strategic void. | UK Parliament
EU/US/China : Hybrid Multilateralism and the Limits of Prioritizing Values, Kerry Brown | GlobalSummitry


Is A Cold War With China Inevitable? Kerry Brown with Owen Jones 

Your Tuesday Briefing

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, February 23

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


About : Bland Fanatics: Liberals, Race, and Empire, Pankaj Mishra, by Kanishk Tharoor | The New Republic
History – Can Historians Be Traumatized by History?  | The New Republic


China –In the new Cold War: Germany wants to be neutral, India is increasingly pro-U.S., the Philippines is trending toward China, and Djibouti is a prized pawn | Bloomberg Opinion
Russia – Putin’s Killers: Russia’s 5 Most Powerful Weapons for Sale  National Interest
Joe Biden – Biden’s brief window to fix the world’s broken institutions, Adam Triggs | East Asia Forum
US/China – The Sino-American War of 2025: A Future History  Michael Auslin, Spectator
UK/Economy – Keeping up appearances: What now for UK services trade? Sam Lowe, Centre for European Reform 
US/Digital – From Washington to Florida, here are Big Tech’s biggest threats from states, Emily Birnbaum, Protocol 
US/China/Vaccine – The U.S.-China Global Vaccine Competition Derek Scissors & Dan Blumenthal | AEI

Research & Analysis

Nato/Proliferation – Reviewing NATO’s Non-proliferation and Disarmament Policy, by Katarzyna Kubiak | IAI  [PDF]
Nato/Digital – Cyber Defence in NATO Countries: Comparing Models, Alessandro Marrone and Ester Sabatino | IAI
OSCE – The Future of the OSCE, | The Wilson Center [PDF]
EU/Iran –Europe’s Defence of the Iran Nuclear Deal, by Riccardo Alcaro | The Intl Spectator || IAI | Taylor & Francis Research Insights
Covid19/Economy –Trade and Global Value Chains at the Time of Covid-19, Anna Maria Pinna & Luca Lodi | The Intl Spectator | IAI | Taylor & Francis Research Insights



UE/Iran – Europe’s Defence of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Less than a Success, More than a Failure

Your Wednesday Briefing

    « All men are prepared to accomplish the incredible if their ideals are threatened. »

Hermann Hesse

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 20, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


Books – Bargaining over the Bomb: The Successes and Failures of Nuclear Negotiations, by William Spaniel, | Cambridge University Press
Livres – Le cri de Gaïa – Frédérique AÏT-TOUATI, Emanuele COCCIA | La Découverte Éditions
Livres – Les gardiens de la raison – Stéphane FOUCART, Stéphane HOREL, Sylvain LAURENS | La Découverte Éditions


US – Francis Fukuyama still believes an « end of history », Michael Hirsh | Foreign Policy  
EU/US/ChinaHave you heard how the EU should have consulted with Washington before signing a deal with China? | Bruno Maçães
Digital – What the European DSA and DMA proposals mean for online platforms, Aline Blankertz and Julian Jaursch | Brookings  
EU/France/Digital – Brussels eclipsed as EU countries roll out their own tech rules, Laura Kayali and Mark Scott | Politico 
France – France issues charter for imams meant to fight ‘political Islam’, Pierre-Paul Bermingham | Politico 
EU/UK – A Brexit lesson: EU’s benefits, largely invisible, hurt to lose, John Lichfield, Politico  Global/Nationalism – The Nationalist International Is Playing the Long Game, Michael Thumann | Internationale Politik Quarterly   
US/Germany – Policing the police: Germany’s lessons for the U.S., Joseph P. Williams | U.S. News & World Report 
Germany – Merkel Minus Angela, Josef Joffe | Project Syndicate 
Germany – Laschet’s World, Henning Hoff | Internationale Politik Quarterly  
Germany/Europe – We’re not ready for Europe after Merkel, Mujtaba Rahman | Politico 
Germany/Health – Can We Stop a Super Coronavirus? Matthias Bartsch et al. | Der Spiegel  

Research & Analysis

Defense/Resilience – A Framework for Cross-Domain Strategies Against Hybrid Threats, Tim Sweijs, Samuel Zilincik, Frank Bekkers & Rick Meessen | Hague Centre for Strategic Studies 
US/Europe – The crisis of American power: How Europeans see Biden’s America, Ivan Krastev and Mark Leonard | ECFR PDF 📥
US/Europe/Iran –A new transatlantic consensus on Iran, Luigi Scazzieri | Centre for European Reform 
Health/EU/Finland – An abrupt awakening to the realities of a pandemic: Learning lessons from the onset of Covid-19 in the EU and Finland, Mika Aaltola, Johanna Ketola, Aada Peltonen, and Karoliina Vaakanainen | Finnish Institute of International Affairs  


Frédérique Aït-Touati : « Vous entrez dans le Théâtre du Soleil, et vous perdez toute notion du temps »

A propos du livre « Les gardiens de la raison, enquête sur la désinformation scientifique »

Your Tuesday Briefing

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. Bertrand Russell

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 19, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


Book Reviews –  Empire, race and global justice, by Dani Solomon | International Affairs
Livres/Recension – « Les capitalismes à l’épreuve de la pandémie », de Robert Boyer – Éric Monnet | La Vie des idées
Books – “Grounded Nationalisms: A Sociological Analysis”, by Siniša Malešević | Center for Nationalism Studies PDF


US – America’s New Corporate Tyranny, by Michael Lind | Tablet Magazine
US – America’s Political Decay Accelerates  Francis Fukuyama, Foreign Affairs
US – Last Chance for American Power  Andrew Michta, National Review
US – Conspiracy Theories will Doom the Republican Party, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), The Atlantic 
US – Foreign Policy Priorities for the Biden Administration, Chatham House   
US – America and the World: How to Build Back Better, Jonathan Tepperman and Fareed Zakaria, Foreign Policy 
Russia – Navalny Is Russian for ‘Domestic Enemy Number One’  Ben Hall, Financial Times
Russia – What Navalny’s Return Means for Putin  Felix Light, New Statesman
China – New Lessons on China’s International Aid  Zhang Chao & Tang Yuxuan, The Diplomat
China/AI – Can China Become the AI Superpower?  Jinghan Zeng with Ben Horton, Chatham House US/Europe/Corruption – Biden Can’t Fight Corruption Without Help From Europe, Kathleen Doherty, Foreign Policy 
Germany – Merkel era may only just be beginning, Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico  
US-EU/China –US-EU united front on China faces challenges | Hinrich Foundation
UK/EU – The UK and EU are heading for bad-tempered rivalry, unless we can avert it, Timothy G. Ash, ECFR
Technology –Why a dawn of technological optimism is breaking, The Economist 
US/Iran – Iran Struggles to Fill Vacuum Left by Soleimani  Ali Hashem, Center for Global Policy
Africa – Tunisia’s Revolution: Unfulfilled, Unforgotten  Tharwa Boulifi, African Arguments
Taiwan Policy – Sudden Policy Change Does Taiwan No Favors  Michael Green & Bonnie Glaser, CSIS

Research & Analysis

Germany/US – More Ambition, Please! Toward a New Agreement between Germany and the United States, German Transatlantic Group, GMF
US/Trade – The Trade Agenda for the 46th U.S. President – Advancing Global Economic Order? Peter Rashish, Konrad Adenauer Foundation  


Covid/écologie –  « Le confinement est définitif » Bruno Latour | France Culture

Ce que le numérique fait aux humanités, par Bruno Latour

Welcome to Your Friday Briefing

A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful.
Charles W. Pickering

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 15, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Friday Briefing


Books – Où suis-je ? Leçons du confinement à l’usage des terrestres, Bruno Latour | Éditions La Découverte


Outlook/Russia – What are the Kremlin’s priorities for 2021? By Dmitri Trenin | Defense News
US – Joe Biden needs an America-first foreign policy, Philip Stephens, Financial Times 
US/Afghanistan – The way forward in Afghanistan: How Biden can achieve sustainable peace and US security, James B. Cunningham, Hugo Llorens, Ronald E. Neumann, Richard Olson, and Earl Anthony Wayne, Atlantic Council 
US – The Insurrection Hiding in Plain Sight, Renee DiResta and Alex Stamos, Foreign Affairs 
US – This Impeachment Is Different, David A. Graham, The Atlantic   
Digital – Donald Trump shows the US needs a European approach to online regulation, Emily Bell, Financial Times 
Turkey/Balkans – Erdogan’s great game: Turkish intrigue in the Balkans, Valerie Hopkins and Laura Pitel, Financial Times 
EU/US/China – Why Europe’s China deal will poison transatlantic relations, Nicholas Vinocur, Politico   
Europe – For Central and Eastern Europe, Strategic Autonomy Isn’t Particularly Strategic, Candace Huntington, CEPA  

Research & Analysis

US/Intelligence – Maintaining the Intelligence Edge: Reimagining and Reinventing Intelligence through Innovation, CSIS Technology and Intelligence Task Force
Energy – Global Energy Perspective 2021, McKinsey PDF
Digital – Decoupling: Severed ties and patchwork globalisation, MERICS/European Chamber of Commerce in China PDF
Technology –Smart Partnerships amid Great Power Competition, Matthew Burrows and Julian Mueller-Kaler, Atlantic Council  
Technology/UK – UK AI Roadmap, UK AI Council 

Technology/UK – AI in the UK: No Room for Complacency, House of Lords
Russia – Russia’s Domestic Politics have Become Part of the West’s Russia Policy, Jussi Lassila, Finnish Institute of International Affairs


Enjeux internationaux – En Allemagne, la CDU choisit son nouveau président, par Julie Gacon | France Culture



Your Monday Briefing

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate. – Kin Hubbard

Azra Isakovic

Your Monday Briefing – What you should know for Monday January 4


Books – Secrets and Spies: UK Intelligence Accountability After Iraq and Snowden, by Jamie Gaskarth | Chatham House
Books – A Year in Reading: Books in the Time of COVID | National Review
Books –The Coming Global Backlash against China | National Review
Books – Trade Wars Are Class Wars – How Rising Inequality Distorts the Global Economy and Threatens International Peace, Matthew C. Klein and Michael Pettis | Yale Univ Press
Books – To Rule Eurasia’s Waves The New Great Power Competition at Sea Geoffrey F. Gresh | Yale Univ Press
Books/Review – Biden’s Dreampolitik | Bruno Maçães


US/China – China used stolen data to expose CIA operatives in Africa and Europe, by Zach Dorfman | Foreign Policy
US/China – Beijing ransacked data as U.S. sources went dark in China, by Zach Dorfman | Foreign Policy
US/China – Tech giants are giving China a vital edge in espionage, by Zach Dorfman | Foreign Policy

Russia/Baltic – Respect Thy Neighbor: Russia and the Baltic Region, by Dmitri Trenin | Carnegie Russia
Julian Assange – The Kafkaesque Imprisonment of Julian Assange Exposes U.S. Myths About Freedom and Tyranny Glenn Greenwald
Europe – An Embattled Public Servant in a Fractured France Roger Cohen | New York Times
2021 –  What Will a Post-Trump and Post-Covid World Look Like? | Geopolitics Mag
US/ChinaDon’t Assume U.S. Would Beat China in a Taiwan War  Daniel Davis, 1945
UK/Turkey – UK-Turkey FTA: Beyond the Economics  Tridivesh Singh Maini, Notes on Liberty
The Carnival Goes On  Robert Zaretsky, Forward
What Will Historians Make of Our Annus Horribilis?  Victor Davis Hanson, NRO
A Sovereign Britain Still a Global Force  Con Coughlin, The National
Britain Must Rebuild Trust in Europe  Camilla Cavendish, Financial Times
US/China/ – A Messy Financial Divorce for the US and China by George Magnus | Project Syndicate

Research & Analysis

Research – The Most Popular RAND Research of 2020 | RAND Corporation
China/Nato – China’s rise as a global security actor: implications for NATO Meia Nouwens | IISS
Strategy – Hedgemony: A Game of Strategic Choices | RAND Corporation
TerrorismCommunity and Gender in Counter-Terrorism Policy Jessica White | ICCT – The Hague PDF
Terrorism – Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism: Libya case study, Mary Fitzgerald | ICCT – The Hague  PDF
China/Russia/Serbia – Sino–Russian Interests in Serbia: Competitive, Coordinated or Complementary? Veerle Nouwens and Emily Ferris | RUSI PDF

Your Thursday Briefing

Croyez en vos rêves et ils se réaliseront peut-être. Croyez en vous et ils se réaliseront sûrement. Martin Luther King

Azra Isakovic

Thursday, December 31

Good evening

Your Thursday Briefing – What you should know for Thursday December 31


Books – Top 10 Books: the International Affairs Christmas reading list 2020 | InternationalAffairs

Books Engaging China | Columbia University Press

Books – Look to the future — what to read in 2021 | Financial Times

Books – Citizenship between Empire and Nation by Frederick Cooper | Princeton University Press

Books –The Ottoman Scramble for Africa: Empire and Diplomacy in the Sahara and the Hijaz | Mostafa Minawi | Stanford Press

Books – Outsourcing Empire, J C Sharman and Andrew Phillips | Princeton University Press

Books – Best Books of the Year 2020 | Financial Times


Chin🇨🇳/HongKong🇭🇰 – Hong Kong media mogul Jimmy Lai sent back to jail  | Financial Times

EU/China – 10 Key Details in UK-EU Trade Deal  Anna Isaac, Politico EU

EU/China – What is in the EU-China investment treaty? | Financial Times

Asia/RCEP – “What RCEP can tell us about geopolitics in Asia” Rocky Intan | Lowy Institute

Covid19 – COVID Has No Grand Lesson for the World  Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

Asie/RCEP – What RCEP can tell us about geopolitics in Asia Rocky Intan | Lowy Institute

Foreign PolicyForeign Policy Stories That Packed a Punch in 2020  Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy

UK – Offa’s Dyke: Britain’s Unmarked ‘No-Man’s Land’  Oliver Smith, BBC

Indonesia’s Nonalignment Problem  Nithin Coca, Foreign Affairs

Biden – Biden Must Embrace Liberal Nationalism  John Mearsheimer, National Interest

U.S. Will to Fight Boils Down to Its Interests  Chang Kuo-tsai, Taipei Times

Handling the Growing Risk of Doing Business With China  M. Shoebridge, ASPI

Europe – Europe’s Misconceived Cohesion by Bálint Magyar, et al | Project Syndicate

China🇨🇳/BigTech – The big questions for Big Tech in 2021 | FT China

Research & Analysis

Africa/SahelRethinking Crisis Responses in the Sahel, Judd Devermont & Marielle Harris | CSIS PDF

US/Syria – Reframing US Syria policy: The road to Damascus runs through Moscow | Brookings Institution  PDF

Conférences/ Frederick Cooper : Empire, nation et citoyenneté : la France et l’Afrique

Asia/Trade –  Digital trade in the Asia-Pacific by Deborah Elms | Hinrich Foundation

Thank you and Happy New Year !


Brexit : Londres et Bruxelles sont arrivés à un accord | Une année pas comme les autres: 2020 en images | Votre briefing du jeudi

« Il est difficile d’imaginer offrir des ensembles de livres de sociologie pour les cadeaux de Noël, ce serait tout à fait impensable » – Pierre Bourdieu

Azra Isakovic

Good Evening

Your Thursday Briefing: What you should know for Thursday, December 24

Brexit : Londres et Bruxelles sont arrivés à un accord Les Echos

Covid-19 – Emmanuel Macron, Free of Covid-19 Symptoms, Leaves Isolation, By Constant Méheut | The New York Times

Brexit – Britain and E.U. Scramble to Reach Brexit Deal Before Christmas Mark Landler | The New York Times

Book Review – The Sociologist and the Historian by Pierre Bourdieu and Roger Chartier by Canan Bolel | LSE Review of Books

Sociologie – Jaurès, Durkheim, Lévi-Strauss : il y a un siècle, quand les sciences sociales étaient socialistes Par Chloé Leprince |  France Culture

EU/China – Paris will block EU-China deal, says trade minister |  POLITICO Europe

China – How to Deter China: Enter the Democratic Armada  James Holmes, 1945

China/Asia – Will China Turn Off Asia’s Tap?  Brahma Chellaney, Project Syndicate

US/Russia With Biden’s New Threats, the Russia Discourse is More Reckless and Dangerous Than Ever | Glenn Greenwald

Covid19 – Maybe Freedom is Having No Followers to Lose by Zeynep Tufekci

Russia – Has Navalny’s Prank Finally Shattered the FSB Myth?  Sergey Radchenko, M. Times

China/India – The SCO’s Limited Role in Easing India-China Tensions    James MacHaffie, Jamestown

Azerbaijan – A Pyrrhic Victory for Azerbaijan?  Ido Vock, New Statesman

Turkey/Erdogan Erdogan’s Political Challengers Are Getting Tougher  Bobby Ghosh, Japan Times

2020 – A Year Like No Other: 2020 in Pictures | The New York Times

Pierre Bourdieu & Robert Chartier – Série de 5 entretiens

We hope you have a Merry festive period and we’ll see you in 2021.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

NATO-Russia Crisis, Baltic states and Russia, What the New Geopolitics Means for Europe – Your Friday Briefing

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” ― John le Carré

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know

FT/Books/EssayWhat makes John le Carré a writer of substance, by Simon Schama | Financial Times
Liberal InternationalismThe End of the Wilsonian Era  By Walter Russell Mead | Foreign Affairs

US/Cyber warfareUS cyber hack poses ‘grave risk’ to critical infrastructure by Hannah Murphy | Financial Times
Biden TransitionInstagram is Using False “Fact-Checking” to Protect Joe Biden’s Crime Record From Criticisms | Glenn Greenwald

NATO/Russia –  NATO-Russia Crisis Brief PDF 📥 | December 2020 | Global Zero

Russia/BalticsManaging Adversity: Russia and the Baltics | Carnegie Russia

Technology/Digital – Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Challenges, EU Agency for Cybersecurity 
Technology/Democracy – Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values, Center for AI and Digital Policy
UK/Indo-Pacific –A Very British Tilt: Towards a new UK strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region, Policy Exchange’s Indo-Pacific Commission 

Europe – What the New Geopolitics Means for Europe  Charles Grant | CER
US/China – Competition With China Could Be Short and Sharp, Michael Beckley and Hal Brands, Foreign Affairs  
EU – Upgrading Europe’s Civilian Crisis Management, Christian Mölling and Fiorence Schimmel, DGAP  
Arab Spring – Ten years after the start of the Arab Spring, it’s time to accept that the revolution may never return, by Steven A. Cook | Foreign Policy

Your Wednesday Briefing / 16 December 2020

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. – Plato

Azra Isakovic

16 December 2020

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know

ArcticThe Arctic and World Order, | Johns Hopkins SAIS/Brookings Institution Press 

Digital/Russia/US – Hackers have vaulted into the heart of America’s government, The Economist 
Digital/EU – The Digital Services Act: ensuring a safe and accountable online environment, European Commission
Digital/EU ­– The Digital Markets Act: ensuring fair and open digital markets, European Commission 
Digital/EU – Putting digital services at the service of Europeans, Margrethe Vestager and Thierry Breton, Irish Times
US/Germany – Preserving America’s Military Posture in Germany, Bradley Bowman and Ben Hodges, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies
US/UK – The US-UK trade talks that Joe Biden inherits, Anna Isaac, Politico 
US/Eastern Mediterranean– American Interests in the Eastern Mediterranean, Eric Edelman and Aykan Erdemir, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies 
EU/US/Turkey/Russia – Peeling Turkey Away from Russia’s Embrace: A Transatlantic Interest, Nathalie Tocci, Istituto Affari Internazionali 
NATO/Russia – NATO-Russia Crisis Brief, Nuclear Crisis Group
US/Democracy – A Democracy Summit Is Not What the Doctor Ordered, James Goldgeier and Bruce W. Jentleson, Foreign Affairs 
EU/Democracy – EU still lacks a ‘silver bullet’ for bringing autocrats to heel, Ben Hall, Financial Times 
Bosnia and Herzegovina –Dayton at 25: Time for Effective and Functional Government in Bosnia, R. Bruce Hitchner, Balkan Insight 

Germany Fares Poorly in Second Wave of Coronavirus  Lukas Eberle et al, Spiegel
China Seems Ready for a Fight Over Taiwan  James Holmes, 1945
China’s Nationalists See a World Turning Their Way  Chris Buckley, New York Times
Maybe Brexit Isn’t So Bad After All  Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg
How the Brexit Fairy Tale Ends  Gavin Esler, The National
Measuring Soft Power  Margaret Seymour, FPRI

The Hidden Cost of Digital Consumption, by Halden Lin, Aishwarya Nirmal, Shobhit Hathi & Lilian Liang (Parametric Press 19/10)
US Indicts Sandworm, Russia’s Most Destructive Cyberwar Unit, by Andy Greenberg (Wired 19/10