Your Tuesday Briefing

If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime. Jack Kerouac

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, March 16

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


Seshat Histories – History of the Axial Age by Daniel Hoyer, Jenny Reddish | Seshat
John le Carré My father was famous as John le Carré, Nick Cornwell  | The Guardian
Reading – Reading in a complex media-driven world | Tressie McMillan Cottom


History Databank – Cleaning History Data: The Conflict Catalogue, by Jill Levine | Seshat
US/Digital – Why America Needs a Tech New Deal, by Nicol Turner Lee | Democracy Journal
Covid-19 – Capitalising on a crisis? by Brett Meyer | LSE EUROPP blog
NATO/China🇨🇳 – China’s rise is exactly the kind of threat NATO exists to stop, by Sara Bjerg Moller | Washington Post Opinions
US – How the 2020 census may help Republicans regain power in Washington | The Economist
Privacy – The UK is secretly testing a controversial web snooping tool, by Matt Burgess | WIRED UK
Brief – Russia’s Foreign Minister Visits Gulf States | Geopolitical Futures
Vaccination – I’ll take the « hippie dippy wishful thinking » case for vaccinating the worl | Zeynep Tufekci

Research & Analysis

US/Health/Economy/Defense – COVID-19 Impacts on Defense Supply Chains and the Defense Industrial Base, Bill Edgar | National Institute for Public Policy
Australia/Tech/Quad – Networked: Techno-Democratic Statecraft for Australia and the Quad, by Martijn Rasser | CNAS
US – The Department of Homeland Security: Priorities for Reform | CNAS
Defence – Sweden’s security -The long way towards total defence, by Justyna Gotkowska | OSW [PDF]


Au Quad! – Les origines de «l’Indo-Pacifique» | ChinaTalk

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