Your Tuesday Briefing

Un éditeur qui entre dans son bureau préfère y trouver un cambrioleur qu’un poète.
Jean Cocteau

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, March 30

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


Economy – A simultaneously expanding and shrinking world, by Branko Milanovic | Social Europe


Feminism – Against White Feminism: Notes on Disruption, by Rafia Zakaria |
Review – Derrida and the New Left  Andrew Marzoni, | The Baffler
Review – A French Touch in the Sociology of Wealth, by Nicolas Duvoux  | Books & Ideas


EU/US/Technology/Defense – Europe and the United States should cooperate more on AI for defense, Benjamin Mueller | Center for Data Innovation
Economy – Chip crisis highlights supply chain new order as carmakers lose out, Peter Campbell and Kana Inagaki | Financial Times
Germany/Russia – The last bridge, The Economist
US – U.S. Doesn’t Treat Its Allies Right  Kori Schake | The Atlantic
China/Taiwan – China Could Decide to Invade Taiwan Soon  R. Jordan Prescott | 1945
Biden – The Puzzle of Biden’s ‘Middle Class Foreign Policy’  Edward Luce | Financial Times
India – India’s Dangerous Myanmar Policy  Sudha Ramachandran | The Diplomat
China – There Will Be No China Reset  Rachel Cheung & Benjamin Wilhelm | WP Review
Germany – The Return of German Politics  Joschka Fischer | Project Syndicate
Russia/AI – Artificial Intelligence in the Russian Army  Pavel Luzin | Riddle
Nato/Asie – Where’s the Asian NATO?  Jack Detsch | Foreign Policy
Middle East – Focus on Influence, Not Power, in the Middle East  Jon Alterman | CSIS
China – China’s Go-It-Alone Five-Year Plan  George Magnus | Japan Times
Europe – Why Europe should spend big like Biden, Christian Odendahl and John Springford | Centre for European Reform

Research & Analysis

US/Digital – Broken trust: Lessons from Sunburst, Trey Herr, Will Loomis, Emma Schroeder, Stewart Scott, Simon Handler and Tianjiu Zuo | Atlantic Council
Europe/Digital – Digital Futures for Europe, Meelis Kitsing | ECIPE
NATO – NATO Partnerships for Women, Peace, and Security, Lisa A. Aronsson | Atlantic Council Taxation/Climate Justice – A European Wealth Tax Policy Study | FEPS
Taxation/Climate Justice – A European Wealth Tax Policy Study – Appendix | FEPS


Talking Politics – Schmitt on Friend vs Enemy | Acast

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