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Globalization is incredibly efficient but also so far incredibly unjust.

Pascal Lamy

Azra Isakovic
Dec. 7, 2020

Good morning

Paris eyes Recovery Fund for 25 member states  | EURACTIV

EU countries feel ‘numb’ about Turkey ahead of critical EU summit | EURACTIV

Europe’s Most Terrible Years  Geoffrey Wheatcroft, New York Review of Books

China tries to rewrite the narrative of the pandemic, By Javier C. Hernández  | New York Times

1918 Germany Has a Warning for America, by Jochen Bittner | New York Times

The Case for a Quadripolar World  Daron Acemoglu, Project Syndicate

China’s Bullying Hasn’t Silenced Australia  Elaine Pearson, National Post

The Borshch Battles  Michele Berdy, Moscow Times

The U.S. Companies Enabling Uyghur Genocide  Paul Brian, American Conservative

Dealing With Russia’s Mercenary Armies  Candace Rondeaux, World Politics Review

López Obrador Is Militarizing Mexico  Milena Ang, Financial Times

Why Iran Is Getting the Bomb  Lee Smith, Tablet

Italy’s North-South Divide, Maradona Edition  Hannah Roberts, Politico EU

Culture Vital to Easing Path to Arab-Israeli Peace  Ahmed al Mansoori, Jer. Post

Liberal Internationalism Is Still Indispensable  Michael Hirsh, Foreign Policy

Biden’s Chance for a Legacy Runs Through Europe, China  Frederick Kempe, Atlantic Council

Japan, France, US planning first joint military drills in May Report | The Straits Times

Azra_Files : Your Friday Briefing

« Quand la vérité n’est pas libre, la liberté n’est pas vraie » Jacques Prévert

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know:

Books“The Fabulists – The World’s New Rulers, Their Myths and the Struggle Against Them” by Michael Peel | Oneworld Publications

EU identity crisis: Poland, Hungary and the fight over Brussels’ values  | Financial Times

EU common budget Brussels warns Poland and Hungary they cannot stop EU recovery fund – Bloc drawing up plans to push through €750bn project over two nations’ objections Sam Fleming and James Shotter | FT

US Revitalizing the State Department and American Diplomacy, by Uzra S. ZEYA and Jon FINER, The Council on Foreign Relations

UE/Royaume-Uni Breaking up is hard to do. Royaume-Uni et Union européenne après le Brexit, by Florence Faucher, Colin Hay, Revue Politique étrangère, hiver 2020-2021 | Institute français des relations internationales

EU/US – A new EU-US agenda for global change, European Commission and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy       

EUBrussels considers creating recovery fund without Hungary and Poland, by  Sam Fleming et Mehreen Khan | Financial Times

US/IranFour ways the killing of Iran’s nuclear scientist will undercut US national security, by John Krzyzaniak | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 

Energy/ChinaUnpacking China’s 2060 carbon neutrality pledge  By Michal MEIDAN | The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

FranceFrance to investigate 76 mosques suspected of ‘separatism’, by Victor Mallet | Financial Times

China/XinjiangInside A Xinjiang Detention Camp | BuzzFeedNews

Vaccines/ The ‘everything rally’: vaccines prompt wave of market exuberance  | Financial Times

Belgium/RussiaDealing with Russia: Towards a coherent Belgian policy, Alexander Mattelaer and Laura Vansina (eds.), Egmont Institute

Inequality/Economy – COVID-10 has widened the income gap in Europe, Zsolt Darvas. Bruegel 

Russia/Turkey – Best Frenemies, Anton Mardasov, Kirill Semyonov, Riddle

Brexit/VaccineOf Brexit and Vaccines  Tom McTague, The Atlantic

Vaccine – The Geopolitics of Vaccine Distribution  Alex Berezow, Geopolitical Futures

US Alliances First: How to Reshape Global Order  Ash Jain & Alex Pascal, National Interest

IndiaIndia’s Angry Farmers Have Reason to Worry  Mihir Sharma, Bloomberg


Azra_Files : Your Thursday Briefing

« Liberalism defines government as tyrant father but demands it behave as nurturant mother. » Camille Paglia

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know:

China/Hong Kong/ Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow Are Sentenced to Prison Over Hong Kong Protest, by Austin Ramzy and Tiffany May | The New York Times

Coronavirus/ Why the U.K. Approved a Coronavirus Vaccine First, by Benjamin Mueller | The New York Times

Futurethink/ The Perils of Predicting With Futurethink  Brookings Institution

Class/Inequality/ The Gadfly of American Plutocracy | Boston Review

The Biden Transition/ Biden Wants America to Lead the World. It Shouldn’t By Peter Beinart | The New York Times

China/ How is China Managing its Greenhouse Gas Emissions? | CSIS

US/ American ‘Leadership’ Is an Outdated Concept  Peter Beinart, New York Times

US/Russia/ Russians Expect U.S. Relations to Worsen Under Biden  Russia Matters

Europe/ Reforming Dayton  Daniel Serwer, Foreign Service Journal

Russia/China/ Is Putin Really Considering a Military Alliance With China?  A. Gabuev, MT

EconomyTurning Hope Into Reality: OECD Economic Outlook, December 2020  

China/Digital / How should democracies confront China’s digital rise? Weighing the merits of a T-10 alliance, Steven Feldstein   Statecraft 

Russia/ Russia’s Lost War  Izabella Tavarovsky, Wilson Quarterly

China/Australia/ China Humiliating Australia as an Example to Others  Anne-Marie Brady, SMH

Defense/ The Next National Defense Strategy  Benjamin Jensen & Nathan Packard, War on the Rocks

US/ America First, Second, or What?  Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The Biden Transition/ 4 Foreign Policy CrisesThat Will Hit Biden Early  Alex Ward, Vox

Australia/China/ No Winners in Australia-China Trade War  Shiro Armstrong, East Asia Forum

Asia/ What RCEP Says About Geopolitics in Asia  Rocky Intan, The Interpreter

Brexit/ Why This Is Real Brexit Crunch, Why It Isn’t  E. Casalicchio & B. Moens, Politico EU

EU/Asia/US/ EU must look to Asia, as well as rebuilding trust with US | Financial Times

China/Technology/ Chinese state-backed funds invest in US tech despite Washington | Financial Times

Azra_Files : Your Wednesday Briefing

À force de ne jamais réfléchir, on a un bonheur stupide.

Jean Cocteau

Good morning

Here’s what you need to know today

Russia/Japan/ Russia deploys advanced S-300 missiles to disputed islands near Japan | Reuters

Russia/ Moldova/  Moscow Says Call To Leave Moldovan Breakaway Region ‘Irresponsible’ | Barron’s

EU/US – A new transatlantic bargain: An action plan for transformation, not restoration, Julien Barnes-Dacey, et al., European Council on Foreign Relations

China / Australia/ The World in a Vise: Sounding the Alarm on China, Then Running for Shelter By Damien Cave | The New York Times

NATO/China/ NATO should expand its focus to include China, a high-level assessment of the alliance’s future says | The Wall Street Journal

NATO – NATO 2030: United for a New Era. Analysis and recommendations of the Reflection Group appointed by the NATO Secretary General | NATO 

Technology/China/US – The Great 5G Race: Is China Really Beating the United States? Doug Brake and Alexandra Bruer, ITIF 

US/Asia-Pacific/Trade – Rebuild the Trans-Pacific partnership back better, Jeffrey J. Schott, PIIE   

EU/Security – CFSP: The capability-expectation gap revisited, Annegret Bendiek, Minna Ålander, and Paul Bochtler, SWP 

NATO/Europe/ The role of NATO for Europe’s defense Status and options for further development from a German perspective, by Claudia Major | SWP PDF 📥 :

EU – Still governing in the shadows? Member states and the Political & Security Committee in the post‐Lisbon EU foreign policy architecture Journal of Common Market Studies 

Europe/China – Europe wakes up to the China challenge, Lionel Barber, Nikkei Asia  

Digital/Europe – How nine digital frontrunners can lead on AI in Europe, McKinsey 

Digital/US/EU – EU-US Cybersecurity Policy Coming Together: Recommendations for instruments to accomplish joint strategic goals, Julia Schuetze, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung 

Disinformation – Tackling online abuse and disinformation targeting women in politics, Lucina Di Meco and Saskia Brechenmacher, Carnegie Endowment   

The Next Liberal Order The Age of Contagion Demands More Internationalism, Not Less By G. John Ikenberry | Foreign Affairs

Syria/ Air strike kills IRGC commander at Iraq-Syria border – Iraqi officials By Reuters Staff

Middle East/Yemen/ The Houthis and misuse of the terrorist organization list | Responsible Statecraft

Middle East/ Yemen/ UN: 11 children killed in 2 attacks in Yemen By AHMED AL-HAJ The Associated Press @AP

Azra_Files : Your Tuesday Briefing Dec. 01, 2020

Il faut organiser le pessimisme.

Pierre Naville

Good morning

Here’s what you need to know today

Brexit/ Some EU members are growing impatient on Brexit – Merkel By Reuters Staff

EU – Pandemic borrowing, Helen Thompson, Internationale Politik Quarterly  

US/France/Europe – Europe may cheer Biden’s win – But it threatens Macron’s grand project, Michele Barbero, Foreign Policy 

US/Economy – The crisis opportunity, Jason Furman, Foreign Affairs    

Russia/Arctic – Russia’s Arctic strategy through 2035, Janis Kluge and Michael Paul, SWP  

UK/Indo-Pacific – China and Brexit drive the UK’s ‘tilt’ to Indo-Pacific, Bill Hayton, Chatham House  

Bulgaria – Bulgaria joins Europe’s awkward squad, Valerie Hopkins and Michael Peel, Financial Times

Social democracy The culture war over the Istanbul Convention in East Central Europe  By Eszter Kováts | International Politics & Society

US/Economy – The crisis opportunity, Jason Furman, Foreign Affairs  

EU – The rule of law in the EU budget, Milan Nič, Roderick Parkes, Slawomir Sierakowski, and Shahin Vallée, DGAP

EU/Russia/Belarus – Belarus protests have explosive potential for EU-Russia relations, Arkady Moshes, Carnegie Moscow

China / Hong Kong Hong Kong’s Courts Are Still Independent. Some Want to Rein Them In. By Austin Ramzy | The New York Times

Syria/ Taking Stock: Five Years of Russia’s Intervention in Syria | Carnegie Europe

Azra_Files : Your Monday Briefing Nov. 30, 2020

« The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open »

Gunter Grass

Here’s what you need to know today

#BidenTransition/ Biden hires all-female senior communications team, names Neera Tanden director of OMB ( Office of Management and Budget) | The Washington Post

#BidenTransition/ Biden Appointee Neera Tanden Spread the Conspiracy That Russian Hackers Changed Hillary’s 2016 Votes to Trump – How can Democrats and allied media outlets credibly oppose unhinged conspiracy theories and attacks on U.S. election legitimacy while empowering its worst purveyors? | Glenn Greenwald

#MohsenFakhrizadeh/ Overview: nuclear scientists as assassination targets, By William Tobey – Bulletin Atomic

#EU🇪🇺/#China🇨🇳/ EU proposes fresh alliance with #UnitedStates🇺🇸 in face of China challenge | Financial Times

#China🇨🇳/#BRI/#Laos🇱🇦/ A Border Town’s Second Gamble – The First Stop in Laos on the New Railway from China, Boten Prepares for New Connections, by Ore Huiying & Wan Man, ChinaFile

#China🇨🇳/#Europe🇪🇺/ #17plus1/#5G/ China in Europe and Transatlantic Security, by Andrew Michta, ICDS

#UnitedStates🇺🇸/#Iran🇮🇷/#irannucleardeal/#JCPoA/ Brazen Killings Expose Iran’s Vulnerabilities as It Struggles to Respond, By David D. Kirkpatrick, Ronen Bergman and Farnaz Fassihi | The New York Times

#UnitedStates🇺🇸/#Iran🇮🇷/#irannucleardeal/#JCPoA/ Machine guns and a hit squad: the killing of Iran’s nuclear mastermind | Financial Times

#UnitedStates🇺🇸/#Iran🇮🇷/#irannucleardeal/#JCPoA/ Assassination in Iran Could Limit Biden’s Options. Was That the Goal? By David E. Sanger | The New York Times

Kushner heading to Saudi Arabia and Qatar amid tensions over Iranian scientist killing  | The Guardian

#Libya🇱🇾/ Exploring Armed Groups in Libya: Perspectives on SSR in a Hybrid Environment | DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance PDF 📥

#EU🇪🇺/#defense/#socialmedia/ Social media disinformation disrupts EU missions worldwide, by Brooks Tigner | Janes

The Macron Doctrine, Barack Obama, Capitalisme, Left Wing Populism, The Biden Transition: Your Saturday Briefing

Azra_Files : Nov. 28, 2020

Here’s what you need to know, by Azra Isakovic

#EU🇪🇺/ The #MacronDoctrine and the Geopolitical Future of the EU | @dgapev

#Russia🇷🇺/#UnitedStates🇺🇸/ Biden’s Approach to U.S. Allies and Adversaries Will Challenge Russia, by Dmitri Trenin | Carnegie Moscow Center

#Capitalism/ The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism – Socialist-minded millennial heirs are trying to live their values by getting rid of their money. By Zoë Beery | The New York Times

#LeftWingPopulism/ Diego Maradona, Argentine football great, 1960-2020 | Financial Times

#NYT/ How Does Ben Smith Sleep at Night?  | The New Republic

Books📚/ “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama review – an impressive but incomplete memoir Gary Younge | The Guardian

Books📚/ 10 books to read in December | Le Grand Continent

Azra_Files : Nov. 27, 2020 – Here’s what you need to know

Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, The Biden Transition, Technology, Democracy, Press Freedom, Books📚 : Your Friday Briefing, By Azra Isakovic

#Books📚/ “Living in Troubled Times” by Thierry de Montbrial , Executive chairman and founder of IFRI_ | World Scientific

#Books📚/ Education & Development in Colonial & Postcolonial Africa. Policies, Paradigms, & Entanglements, 1890s–1980s by Damiano Matasci, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, Hugo Gonçalves Dores eds Palgrave Macmillan coll. « Global Histories of Education » #openaccess

#Books📚/ Repenser la « mission civilisatrice ». L’éducation dans le monde colonial et postcolonial au XXe siècle, par Damiano Matasci, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo, Hugo Gonçalves Dores eds aux Presses Universitaires de Rennes @pureditions coll. « Histoire » #Livres 📚

#Technology/#Democracy/ Demanding Silicon Valley Suppress “Hyper-Partisan Sites” in Favor of “Mainstream News” (The NYT) is a Fraud, by Glenn Greenwald

#VIDÉO 🎥/ #Technology/#Democracy/ Interview with Edward Snowden (@Snowden) on Silicon Valley Censorship, Biden, and Lurking Press Freedom Dangers, by Glenn Greenwald

#Europe🇪🇺/#France🇫🇷/#PressFreedom/ Video of Police Beating Black Man in Paris Fuels Debate on Filming Officers

#Europe🇪🇺/#France🇫🇷/#PressFreedom/ Emmanuel Macron’s illiberal plan to protect the French police | Financial Times

#Nexit/ New Dutch ‘Nexit’ party threatens Rutte – Forum for Democracy is among the groups hoping to make a splash in regional vote, by Mehreen Khan | Financial Times

#Europe🇪🇺/#Bosnia&Herzegovina🇧🇦/#Dayton How to Free Bosnia From Dayton’s Paralyzing Grip  Majda Ruge, ECFR

#VIDÉO 🎥/#Libya🇱🇾/ Moment German Commandos Intercept & Raid Turkish Ship Bound For Libya | @zerohedge

#Chine🇨🇳/ Why the Quad Should Focus on a Strategy to Contain China  James Holmes, TNI

Azra_Files : Jeudi 26 novembre 2020

Voici ce que vous devez savoir aujourd’hui

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#TheBidenTransition/#TransitionBiden/ Dis non, Joe – En ce qui concerne la #politique_étrangère, il est impossible de revenir au statu quo – Joe Biden devrait s’appuyer sur les meilleures idées de Barack Obama et dire non aux guerres inutiles et aux dépassements militaires, par Benjamin H. Friedman, Stephen Wertheim | Foreign Policy

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#TheBidenTransition/#TransitionBiden/ #ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#TheBidenTransition/#TransitionBiden/ L’équipe de sécurité nationale de Biden offre un virage serré – Approche prudente d’Obama à l’égard des opérations étrangères pourrait être révisée, Par Annie Karni et David E. Sanger pour le New York Times

#Numérique/#UE🇪🇺/ L’Europe n’a pas de stratégie en matière de cyber-sanctions, Stefan Soesanto, Lawfare

#Numérique/#France🇫🇷 /#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/  La France exige des paiements d’impôts numériques de la part des groupes technologiques américains, Aime Williams, Hannah Murphy et Victor Mallet, Financial Times

#Chine🇨🇳/#Numérique – La route numérique de la soie en Chine: importance économique et politique, Damian Wnukowski, PISM

#Technologie/#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/  Les conservateurs qui se plaignent de la censure –  Les Pro-Trump sur Internet n’arrêtent pas de parler de son exode des #BigTech. Mais très peu d’entre eux ont en fait abandonné leurs foyers de longue date sur les réseaux sociaux | The Washington Post

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/  9 choses à savoir sur Anthony Blinken D. Herszenhorn et R. Momtaz, Politico EU

#Russie🇷🇺/ Le pivot asiatique de la Russie se heurte à de nouveaux problèmes, Sergey Sukhankin, Jamestown

#Chine🇨🇳/ La Chine fixe un bilan financier, Phillip Orchard, Geopolitical Futures

Azra_Files 25/11/2020

Voici ce que vous devez savoir aujourd’hui

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#Europe🇪🇺/ Alors que Trump sort, les fractures en Europe s’élargissent à nouveau – Les responsables en France et en Allemagne se disputent déjà la vie après son départ

#Europe🇪🇺/#Corruption/ La corruption pourrit la périphérie de l’Europe – Les problèmes du continent s’étendent aux démocraties en difficulté au-delà de la Hongrie et de la Pologne

#France🇫🇷/ Sur le point de devenir moins libre – Au lendemain des récents attentats terroristes, le gouvernement français a introduit une nouvelle législation qui menace les libertés mêmes qu’il s’engage à défendre, par Mira Kamdar

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#Europe🇪🇺/ Pourquoi l’Europe centrale et orientale sera importante pour l’administration Biden, Daniel Hegedüs, GMF

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#Europe🇪🇺/#Bosnie🇧🇦/#Dayton/ Un nouvel accord pour la #BosnieHerzégovine🇧🇦, rapport et recommandations, groupe de travail sur les Balkans occidentaux Woodrow Wilson Center

#Technologie/#Numérique/#UnionEuropéenne🇪🇺 – L’empreinte numérique de l’#UE🇪🇺 tourne en rond, par @alanbeattie via @financialtimes

#Technologie/#Numérique/#Chine🇨🇳 – Compétitivité chinoise dans l’économie numérique internationale, Caleb Foote et Robert D.Atkinson, | @ITIFdc

#Technologie/#Démocratie/ Le pouvoir exercé par #BigTech est une menace pour la démocratie – Pour y faire face, il faudra briser le contrôle monopolistique des entreprises sur l’information politique, par @FukuyamaFrancis, @BarakRichman, et @ashishgoel

#ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/#Chine🇨🇳/ Entreprises multinationales, compte courant et découplage États-Unis-Chine, par Stewart Paterson | Hinrich Foundation

#Chine🇨🇳/#MerNoire – Un changement de mer?: Le rôle de la Chine dans la mer Noire, par Michael O’Hanlon, Ivan Safranchuk, Igor Denisov, Vakhtang Charaia, Mariam Lashkhi , Jean-Marc Blanchard, Michal Meidan, Altay Atlı via Middle East Institute