Your Monday Briefing

“Absolute power demoralizes.”  Lord Acton

By Azra Isakovic

Monday, April 12, 2021

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Big Tech – Meet the Professor Who’s Warning the World About Facebook and Google, Sarah Brown | The Chronicle of Higher Education


Social Psychology – The Quick Fix: Why Fad Psychology Can’t Cure Our Social Ills Jesse Singal | Amazon
Nationalism – 100 Best Nationalism Books of All Time |  BookAuthority
Review – Are We Living in an Age of Strongmen? David A. Bell | The Nation


EU – Brussels faces battle on new pan-EU revenue sources, Sam Fleming and Jim Brunsden | Financial Times
Europe – Les Capitales | EURACTIV France @EURACTIV_FR
Turquie/Italie – La Turquie suspend des contrats italiens à la suite de commentaires de Mario Draghi | EURACTIV France
Iran – Blackout Hits Iran Nuclear Site in What Appears to Be Israeli Sabotage By Ronen Bergman, Rick Gladstone and Farnaz Fassihi | The New York Times 
US/Iran/JCPOA – Hawks preview strategy to oppose Biden’s ‘woke’ Iran policy, Matthew Petti | Responsible Statecraft
Social Psychology –The False Promise of Quick-Fix, Jesse Singal | The Wall Street Journal
Essay – Philip, Prince of Nowhere Ed West | UnHerd
US – Crisis of Command Risa Brooks, Jim Golby et Heidi Urben | Foreign Affairs
Pandemic – The Gaslighting of Science by Zeynep Tufekci | Insight
UK Security Review – A Post Mortem of a Disintegrated Review, Jack Watling  | RUSI
US/Iran/JCPOA – For true JCPOA re-entry, Biden must tear down this sanctions wall, Tyler Cullis | Responsible Statecraft
Technology –Europe in the Geopolitics of Technology, Alice Pannier | Ifri

Research & Analysis

Japan/Africa – Japan’s Economic Diplomacy in Africa: Between Strategic Priorities and Local Realities, Céline Pajon | Ifri
EU/Defence – Europe’s Missile Defence and Italy: Capabilities and Cooperation, Alessandro Marrone, Karolina Muti | IAI
UK Security Review – Defence in a competitive age | GOV.UK
Iraq – 18 Years of Terror and Destruction, by Hannah Mulhern and Razan al-Shammari | GICJ
Russia/China/Arctic – Partners, Competitors, or a Little of Both?  Jim Townsend and Andrea Kendall-Taylor | CNAS


Political Economy – The future of capitalism, Branko Milanovic  | AEI Economics

Strongmen – Mussolini to Present | YouTube

Your Wednesday Briefing

J’ai réinventé le passé pour voir la beauté de l’avenir.
Louis Aragon.

By Azra Isakovic

Wednesday, March 31

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Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


In honour of David Graeber – Free us from the Roving Cavaliers of Credit, Steve Keen | Brave New Europe


À propos de : « Sociologie historique du capitalisme » | La Decouverte, par Hervé Joly | La Vie des idées
Book Review –Heterodox Challenges in Economics Sergio Cesaratto, by M. D. Rose | Brave New Europe
Book Review –Claremont’s Constitutional Crisis, R. Shep Melnick | Law & Liberty
Review – Work Won’t Love You Back Sarah Jaffe | Hurst Publishers, by Marzena Zukowska


WHO/Covid19 –Joint Statement on the WHO-Convened COVID-19 Origins Study | United States Department of State
Covid19 – The Fourth Surge Is Upon Us. This Time, It’s Different, by Zeynep Tufekci | The Atlantic
China/Russia – An Alliance of Autocracies? China Wants to Lead a New World Order, Steven Lee Myers | The New York Times
Russia/China/US – Here’s How Russia and China Are Helping the U.S., by Yasmeen Serhan | The Atlantic
EU/US/China –The Fragility of Europe’s China Strategy, Adam Tooze | Internationale Politik Quarterly
Germany – Stepping Into the 21st Century, Thierry de Montbrial | Internationale Politik Quarterly
US/India – Unresolved Questions in U.S.-India Relations  Anita Inder Singh | Lowy Institute
EU/US – Why the EU Is Still Wary of America  | Economist
China/Cyberspace – Did China Cross a Red Line in Cyberspace?  M. Montgomery & T. Logan | SG
US/Iran/China – How U.S. Pushed China & Iran Together  Amir Handjani | Responsible Statecraft
US/Russia/China – A Second Cold War Is Tracking the First  Gideon Rachman | Financial Times
France – The Paris Commune Lives On in French Politics  Robert Zaretsky | Foreign Affairs
US/Russia – No Emotions or Illusions: The Future of U.S.-Russian Relations, Dmitri Trenin | Carnegie Moscow Center

Research & Analysis

EU –Is there a populist foreign policy? Angelos Chryssogelos | Chatham House
US/EU/Digital – How to Build Back Better the Transatlantic Data Relationship, Nigel Cory and Ellyse Dick | ITIF
US/CinaThe Case for Legislation to Out-Compete China, Robert D. Atkinson | ITIF
China/EU/US/Climate –China, EU and US cooperation on climate and energy, Antony Froggatt and Daniel Quiggin | Chatham House


Surveillance numérique –  Géopolitique de la surveillance numérique | France Culture

Azra_Files : Your Friday Briefing

« Quand la vérité n’est pas libre, la liberté n’est pas vraie » Jacques Prévert

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know:

Books“The Fabulists – The World’s New Rulers, Their Myths and the Struggle Against Them” by Michael Peel | Oneworld Publications

EU identity crisis: Poland, Hungary and the fight over Brussels’ values  | Financial Times

EU common budget Brussels warns Poland and Hungary they cannot stop EU recovery fund – Bloc drawing up plans to push through €750bn project over two nations’ objections Sam Fleming and James Shotter | FT

US Revitalizing the State Department and American Diplomacy, by Uzra S. ZEYA and Jon FINER, The Council on Foreign Relations

UE/Royaume-Uni Breaking up is hard to do. Royaume-Uni et Union européenne après le Brexit, by Florence Faucher, Colin Hay, Revue Politique étrangère, hiver 2020-2021 | Institute français des relations internationales

EU/US – A new EU-US agenda for global change, European Commission and EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy       

EUBrussels considers creating recovery fund without Hungary and Poland, by  Sam Fleming et Mehreen Khan | Financial Times

US/IranFour ways the killing of Iran’s nuclear scientist will undercut US national security, by John Krzyzaniak | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 

Energy/ChinaUnpacking China’s 2060 carbon neutrality pledge  By Michal MEIDAN | The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

FranceFrance to investigate 76 mosques suspected of ‘separatism’, by Victor Mallet | Financial Times

China/XinjiangInside A Xinjiang Detention Camp | BuzzFeedNews

Vaccines/ The ‘everything rally’: vaccines prompt wave of market exuberance  | Financial Times

Belgium/RussiaDealing with Russia: Towards a coherent Belgian policy, Alexander Mattelaer and Laura Vansina (eds.), Egmont Institute

Inequality/Economy – COVID-10 has widened the income gap in Europe, Zsolt Darvas. Bruegel 

Russia/Turkey – Best Frenemies, Anton Mardasov, Kirill Semyonov, Riddle

Brexit/VaccineOf Brexit and Vaccines  Tom McTague, The Atlantic

Vaccine – The Geopolitics of Vaccine Distribution  Alex Berezow, Geopolitical Futures

US Alliances First: How to Reshape Global Order  Ash Jain & Alex Pascal, National Interest

IndiaIndia’s Angry Farmers Have Reason to Worry  Mihir Sharma, Bloomberg


Azra_Files : Your Monday Briefing Nov. 30, 2020

« The job of a citizen is to keep his mouth open »

Gunter Grass

Here’s what you need to know today

#BidenTransition/ Biden hires all-female senior communications team, names Neera Tanden director of OMB ( Office of Management and Budget) | The Washington Post

#BidenTransition/ Biden Appointee Neera Tanden Spread the Conspiracy That Russian Hackers Changed Hillary’s 2016 Votes to Trump – How can Democrats and allied media outlets credibly oppose unhinged conspiracy theories and attacks on U.S. election legitimacy while empowering its worst purveyors? | Glenn Greenwald

#MohsenFakhrizadeh/ Overview: nuclear scientists as assassination targets, By William Tobey – Bulletin Atomic

#EU🇪🇺/#China🇨🇳/ EU proposes fresh alliance with #UnitedStates🇺🇸 in face of China challenge | Financial Times

#China🇨🇳/#BRI/#Laos🇱🇦/ A Border Town’s Second Gamble – The First Stop in Laos on the New Railway from China, Boten Prepares for New Connections, by Ore Huiying & Wan Man, ChinaFile

#China🇨🇳/#Europe🇪🇺/ #17plus1/#5G/ China in Europe and Transatlantic Security, by Andrew Michta, ICDS

#UnitedStates🇺🇸/#Iran🇮🇷/#irannucleardeal/#JCPoA/ Brazen Killings Expose Iran’s Vulnerabilities as It Struggles to Respond, By David D. Kirkpatrick, Ronen Bergman and Farnaz Fassihi | The New York Times

#UnitedStates🇺🇸/#Iran🇮🇷/#irannucleardeal/#JCPoA/ Machine guns and a hit squad: the killing of Iran’s nuclear mastermind | Financial Times

#UnitedStates🇺🇸/#Iran🇮🇷/#irannucleardeal/#JCPoA/ Assassination in Iran Could Limit Biden’s Options. Was That the Goal? By David E. Sanger | The New York Times

Kushner heading to Saudi Arabia and Qatar amid tensions over Iranian scientist killing  | The Guardian

#Libya🇱🇾/ Exploring Armed Groups in Libya: Perspectives on SSR in a Hybrid Environment | DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance PDF 📥

#EU🇪🇺/#defense/#socialmedia/ Social media disinformation disrupts EU missions worldwide, by Brooks Tigner | Janes