Your Wednesday Briefing

“Political economy cannot be supreme arbiter in politics. Else you might defend slavery where it is economically sound and reject it where the economic argument applies against it.”
Lord Acton

By Azra Isakovic

Wednesday, March 17

Good morning

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


Rights in America – How Rights Went Wrong by Jamal Greene | HMH Books & Media
About: Pour Bourdieu – Is Bourdieu’s Theory Too Deterministic? by Bridget Fowler | Books & Ideas
Essay – The Rising Invisible Majority – When Fiction Meets Social Science, by Alessandro Arrigoni & Emanuele Ferragina | Books & Ideas
Diplomacy – The Back Channel, William J. Burns | Hurst Publishers
Essays – Fascism and Analogies — British and American, Past and Present Priya Satia | LA Review of Books


US/China – U.S.-China Rivalry: A Matter of Principles  Hal Brands & Zack Cooper | Foreign Affairs
US/China – U.S. Views of China as Enemy Soar Mohamed Younis  Gallup
US/Europe/EconomicGapEurope and the US are drifting further apart | Financial Times
NATO – How to Revitalize NATO’s Political Cohesion, Rachel Ellehuus and Pierre Morcos | CSIS US/China – US and China seek a reset in Anchorage, Stephen Olson | Hinrich Foundation
Australia/China – Can Australia Fix Supply Chain Dependence on China?  David Uren, ASPI
US/China – Era of U.S.-China Competition Can Be a Global Boon  Aravinda Korala, SCMP
North Korea – North Korea’s Hackers Run Wild  Morten Soendergaard Larsen, Foreign Policy
Ouad – A Story for the Quad  Indian Express
China/Nukes – On China’s Nukes, Numbers Aren’t Everything  P. Vaddi & A. Panda, Defense One
Turkey/UAE – Useful Enemies: Turkey and the UAE , Asli Aydıntaşbaş & Cinzia Bianco | ECFR

Research & Analysis

Energy – Energy Transitions Outlook 2021 | IRENA
Europe/Health/Economy – Rethinking Policy Priorities in the light of Pandemics | Pan-European Commission on Health and Sustainable Development
US/Defense – Statement of General Glen VanHerck | Senate Armed Services Committee
Europe/Defense –  Western Military Capability in Northern Europe 2020: Part I Collective Defence, Eva Hagström Frisell, et al., Swedish Defence Research Agency
Northern Europe/Defense – Western Military Capability in Northern Europe 2020: Part II National Capabilities, Eva Hagström Frisell, et al., Swedish Defence Research Agency
Arms – Trends in International Arms Transfers, Pieter D. Wezeman, Alexandra Kuimova and Siemon T. Wezeman | SIPRI
UK – Global Britain in a competitive age: The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy | HM Government


Pierre Bourdieu (1/2) – « Egalité ou inégalité des chances en matière d’éducation ? » | France Culture

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