Your Friday Briefing

« Only the vanquished remember history. »
Marshall McLuhan

By Azra Isakovic

Friday, April 16, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Friday Briefing


EU – Imagine that the coronavirus pandemic, rather than undermining confidence in the European Union, had strengthened it, Yanis Varoufakis | Project Syndicate


Essay –Brexit and the Two Irelands by Ophélie Siméon | Books & Ideas
Essay –The Japanese Press: a Global Exception? by César Castellvi | Books & Ideas
9/11 –Reign of Terror , Spencer Ackerman | Penguin Random House


Vaccines – Always Read the Methods Section | Zeynep Tufekci
Vaccines – What a J&J vaccine pause means Matthew Field | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
EU/China/Russia – The EU’s Worst Nightmare: a China-Russian Axis, David Hutt | Internationale Politik Quarterly
US/Japan – The Summit That Can’t Fail  Michael Hirsh | Foreign Policy
Germany – The Race to Define Germany’s Evolving Political Center Jeremy Cliffe | NS
India – India’s Trump Card Against China  Phillip Orchard, Geopolitical Futures
Russia/Ukraine – Why Russia Is Threatening Escalation  Gustav Gressel | ECFR
Russia/Ukraine – Russian pressure on Ukraine: military and political dimensions, Marek Menkiszak and Andrzej Wilk | OSW
Digital/EU/UK/USDo continued EU data flows to the United Kingdom offer hope for the United States? Kenneth Propp | Atlantic Council
Drones/Middle East –Droning On in the Middle East, Francis Fukuyama | American Purpose
Diplomacy – How Diplomacy Falls Flat  Sholto Byrnes | The National The National
Taiwan – Is War Over Taiwan Imminent?  Yun Sun | Korea Times
US/Japan – Can Japan, U.S. Lead way to 6G?  James Schoff & Joshua Levy | The Diplomat

Research & Analysis

Proxy Warfare – The Future of Sino-U.S. Proxy War  Dominic Tierney  | Texas National Security Review
Russia/Central and Eastern Europe/Western Balkans –Russia: mighty Slavic brother or hungry bear next-door? The image of Russia in Central & Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, Daniel Milo | Globesec
China/Europe/Economy –  Home advantage: How China’s protected market threatens Europe’s economic power, Agatha Kratz and Janka Oertel | ECFR 
US/Health – The Time Is Now for U.S. Global Leadership on Covid-19 Vaccines, J. Stephen Morrison, Katherine E. Bliss and Anna McCaffrey | CSIS
NATO/Climate –A Climate Security Plan for Nato: Collective Defence for the 21st Century, Erin Sikorski and Sherri Goodman | Policy Exchange


UK – Wales, England and the Future of the UK, Daniel Wincott | Talking Politics

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