Your Thursday Briefing

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

By Azra Isakovic

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


Perspective – Twilight of the economists? More like twilight of the neoliberals Daniel W. Drezner | The Washington Post


About: Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics and the Fight for a Better Future by Paul Krugman | Norton,  Adam Tooze | London Review of Books
À propos de : Donald Reid, L’affaire Lip, 1968-1981, Presses universitaires de Rennes, par Ismaïl Ferhat | La Vie des idées


US/Russia – Putin’s sabre-rattling wins west’s attention and Biden summit Henry Foy | Financial Times
US/China(in French) – Germany will have to make real choices Thierry de Montbrial | Le Monde
Vaccine – Why Biden health officials decided to pause J&J’s coronavirus vaccine Laurie McGinley, Lena H. Sun and Frances Stead Sellers | The Washington Post
US/Russia – President Biden on Tuesday proposed that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin hold a summit | WSJ
Disruptive Technologies – Meet the Future WMD, the Drone Swarm  Zachary Kallenborn | The Bulletin
US/China/Taiwan – Biden Faces Reckoning on China, Taiwan  Joseph Bosco | The Hill
Energy/Trade – Hydrogen: The Key to Decarbonizing the Global Shipping Industry? William Alan Reinsch | CSIS
Biden/China – Biden Needs to Ditch Xi Infatuation  Joseph Bosco | Taipei Times
Quad – The Quad Delivers. Can It Endure?  Susan Thornton | Lowy Interpreter
US/Russia – Facing the Facts of War With Russia  Douglas Macgregor | The American Conservative
BCE – Quand la BCE a-t-elle stoppé la contagion de la Covid-19 aux marchés financiers ?  Aymeric Ortmans & Fabien Tripier | La Lettre du CEPII ; N°416 – Mars 2021
Serbia/Health – Bounty of Serbian vaccine diplomacy shames the EU, Valerie Hopkins, Financial Times
Data – HOUSE ARREST How An Automated Algorithm Constrained Congress for a Century, Dan Bouk | Data & Society

Research & Analysis

US/Iran – Other Sides of Renegotiating Iran Agreement  Anthony Cordesman | CSIS
US/Russia /Cyber Security – Lessons of the SolarWinds hack by Marcus Willett | IISS
Germany/Economy – What is Wrong with the German Economy? The Case for Openness to Technology and Human Capital, Philipp Lamprecht | ECIPE
Europe/Economy/Health – COVID-19 credit support programs in Europe’s five largest economies, Julia Anderson, Francesco Papadia and Nicolas Véron | PIIE
Bulletin75 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists – 75th Special Anniversary Issue, currently available to read with free access |   Routledge Politics, IR & Area Studies


Russia/Ukraine “This is a force that is much more potent than it was when Ukraine was first invaded” – The Intelligence | The Economist  

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