Your Monday Briefing

A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful. – Charles W. Pickering

By Azra Isakovic

Monday, February 08

Good morning

Welcome to Your Monday Briefing


Public service/Private interests – « The Neoliberal Republic” – by Antoine Vauchez and Pierre France, | Cornell Press

Diplomatie – « Diplomaties européennes XIXe – XXIe siècle. » par Laurence Badel | Presses Sciences Po
Shoah –« Et les Juifs bulgares furent sauvés… » par Nadège Ragaru| Presses de Sciences Po UE/Commission européenne – Un sociologue à la Commission européenne par Frédéric Mérand | Presses Sciences Po


US/Capital/Jobs – What Happened to Social Mobility in America? By Branko Milanovic | Foreign Affairs
EU-China – The new EU-China trade deal is driven by a commercial realpolitik – and the world knows it by Helen Thompson | New Statesman  
US/Japan/China – U.S. and Japan Should Prepare for War With China  Jeffrey Hornung, WOTR
Russia – Putin’s Russia Destabilizes From Within  Tatiana Stanovaya, Financial Times
US – The Fracturing of the American Ideal  Andrew Michta, National Review
Russia – Navalny Proves Too Hot for ‘Poisoner Putin’  Paul Roderick Gregory, The Hill
Biden – Biden Is Right to Double Down on the Quad  Tom Rogan, Washington Examiner
Arms Control – The End of Arms Control as We Know It  Eugene Rumer & Richard Sokolsky, Politico

India – The Unyielding Middlemen: India’s Protests  Vishnu Modur, Notes on Liberty
India – Huge Turnout of Women Farmers at Mahapanchayats  Ashok Kumar, The Hindu
EU – Scandals Roil Europe’s Border Agency  Giorgos Christides et al, Der Spiegel
Myanmar – The Coup in Myanmar: Why Now?  Phillip Orchard, Geopolitical Futures
Jürgen Habermas – Why Jürgen Habermas Disappeared  Blake Smith, Foreign Policy

Research & Analysis

Sahel – A Course Correction for the Sahel Stabilisation Strategy | Crisis Group

Facial Recognition – Transparency and Accountability Mechanisms for Facial Recognition | German Marshall Fund


Les contours de la Shoah en Bulgarie, avec Nadège Ragaru | Paroles d’histoire podcast 

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