Your Wednesday Briefing

We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment. Margaret Mead

By Azra Isakovic

Wednesday, February 24

Good afternoon

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


US/Foreign Policy – America’s massive military is predicated on imaginary threats | Foreign Policy
US/Foreign Policy – The Stupidity of War, by John Mueller | Cambridge University Press
The Tyranny of Merit – What Comes After Meritocracy? Elizabeth Anderson | The Nation


US/Biden – Biden Says ‘America Is Back.’ Should It Be? By Stephen Wertheim | New York Times Opinion
AI – Chine : l’intelligence artificielle, porte d’entrée de la dictature de surveillance ? par Hubert Guillaud | internetactu
Fake News – “Fake news: A false epidemic?” | Le Monde diplomatique
Yemen – “Saudi-led coalition loses its grip on Yemen”, by Pierre Bernin | Le Monde diplomatique
US/China – Washington’s battle with Beijing is not one of investment or innovation but one of values, by Elise Labott | Foreign Policy
US/Iran/JCPOA – The Real Regional Problem With the Iran Deal by Trita Parsi | Foreign Affairs
Culture War – If You Thought the Culture War in the US and UK Was Dumb, Check Out France’s | VICE
Radical Philosophy – The Entire Archives of Radical Philosophy Go Online | Open Culture
US/China – US and allies to build ‘China-free’ tech supply chain | Nikkei Asia

Research & Analysis

US/Europe – Transatlantic Relations and European Strategic Autonomy in the Biden Era, by Garret Martin and Ville Sinkkonen | FIIA 📥 [PDF]
US/Security/Technology – National Security Policy, American Edge Project | Edge Project 📥 [PDF]
EU/Green Deal – The EU Green Deal and Its Industrial and Political Significance, By Hosuk Lee-Makiyama  | ECIPE 📥 [PDF]


Quartier Libre – «Surveiller et asservir» Vanessa Codaccioni

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