Your Tuesday Briefing

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, February 23

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


About : Bland Fanatics: Liberals, Race, and Empire, Pankaj Mishra, by Kanishk Tharoor | The New Republic
History – Can Historians Be Traumatized by History?  | The New Republic


China –In the new Cold War: Germany wants to be neutral, India is increasingly pro-U.S., the Philippines is trending toward China, and Djibouti is a prized pawn | Bloomberg Opinion
Russia – Putin’s Killers: Russia’s 5 Most Powerful Weapons for Sale  National Interest
Joe Biden – Biden’s brief window to fix the world’s broken institutions, Adam Triggs | East Asia Forum
US/China – The Sino-American War of 2025: A Future History  Michael Auslin, Spectator
UK/Economy – Keeping up appearances: What now for UK services trade? Sam Lowe, Centre for European Reform 
US/Digital – From Washington to Florida, here are Big Tech’s biggest threats from states, Emily Birnbaum, Protocol 
US/China/Vaccine – The U.S.-China Global Vaccine Competition Derek Scissors & Dan Blumenthal | AEI

Research & Analysis

Nato/Proliferation – Reviewing NATO’s Non-proliferation and Disarmament Policy, by Katarzyna Kubiak | IAI  [PDF]
Nato/Digital – Cyber Defence in NATO Countries: Comparing Models, Alessandro Marrone and Ester Sabatino | IAI
OSCE – The Future of the OSCE, | The Wilson Center [PDF]
EU/Iran –Europe’s Defence of the Iran Nuclear Deal, by Riccardo Alcaro | The Intl Spectator || IAI | Taylor & Francis Research Insights
Covid19/Economy –Trade and Global Value Chains at the Time of Covid-19, Anna Maria Pinna & Luca Lodi | The Intl Spectator | IAI | Taylor & Francis Research Insights



UE/Iran – Europe’s Defence of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Less than a Success, More than a Failure

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