Your Tuesday Briefing

Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.
Ambrose Bierce

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, February 09

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About : Le temps du paysage. Aux origines de la révolution esthétique, Jacques Rancière | La Fabrique, by Laurent Folliot | Books & Ideas
À propos de : Techno-féodalisme. Critique de l’économie numérique de Cédric Durand, par Thibault Darcillon | La Vie des idées

Ukrainian Business – Exclusive: First ‘Excerpt’ From Hunter Biden’s Memoir  Kyle Smith, New York Post


OpenLux – Entre la France et le Luxembourg, une faille fiscale pour l’immobilier de luxe | Le Monde
OpenLux/Luxembourg – Shedding Light on Big Secrets in Tiny Luxembourg, Antonio Baquero, Maxime Vaudano, Cecilia Anesi, Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
France – How consultants like McKinsey took over France, by Paul de Villepin & Elisa Braün | POLITICOEurope
US/China – Why is Biden proposing a massive stimulus plan for … Chinese manufacturers? | Bruno Maçães
China – China Ends the Clubhouse Spring  Melissa Chan, Foreign Policy
Digital/US – US’s flawed approach to 5G threatens its digital future, Eric Schmidt, Financial Times
US/Russia –Dealing With Biden’s America, by Dmitri Trenin | Carnegie Russia
Digital/US – How the United States Lost to Hackers, Nicole Perlroth, New York Times
Technology/China –From Lightbulbs to 5G, China Battles West for Control of Vital Technology Standards, Valentina Pop, Sha Hua and Daniel Michaels, The Wall Street Journal
EU/Energy/Climate – EU urged to quit energy treaty as companies sue over climate action, Mehreen Khan, Financial Times
China/Central and Eastern Europe – Baltic vs. Beijing: Lithuania, Estonia snub Xi’s eastern summit, Stuart Lau | Politico
Yemen – Accomplice to Carnage in Yemen  Robert Malley & Stephen Pomper, Foreign Affairs

Research & Analysis

UK/China –  Inadvertently Arming China? by Radomir Tylecote & Robert Clark | Civitas think tank 📥 [PDF]

Technology/China – China, Europe and the New Power Competition over Technical Standards, Tim Rühlig | Swedish Institute of International Affairs
US/Africa – Ideas for Policy on Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia  R. Satloff & S. Feuer, Wash. Ins.


Covid, saison 3 (1/4) : L’Europe des vaccins : la grande cacophonie | France Culture