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“Progress, the religion of those who have none.”

Lord Acton

By Azra Isakovic

Friday, February 05

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Review – « Graveyards of Clerics. Everyday Activism in Saudi Arabia », par Pascal Ménoret | Stanford University Press, by Roman Stadnicki | La Vie des idées
Review – Has Tech Destroyed Democracy? Steven Levy | Wired


US/China/EU – Macron: EU shouldn’t gang up on China with US,  Rym Momtaz | POLITICO Europe
États-Unis – Joe Biden veut renouer avec une diplomatie fondée sur les « alliances » et les « valeurs »  | Le Monde
Indo-Pacific – Can the EU and the UK Cooperate in the Indo-Pacific? | IPQ
US – Joe Biden’s Peace Force?  William Astore, TomDispatch
US/China –  Biden’s Team Faces the Ugly Facts on China  | New York Post
Myanmar –Suu Kyi Was Right About Myanmar  Luv Puri | Japan Times
Health – How to save the world from long Covid, Simon Kuper | Financial Times
Health Vaccine passports: path back to normality or problem in the making? Natalie Thomas | Reuters
Europe/Health – Europe’s Vaccine Rollout Has Descended Into Chaos, Sylvie Kauffmann | New York Times
Energy – How the race for renewable energy is reshaping global politics, Leslie Hook and Henry Sanderson – Financial Times
Digital – The Digital Transformation of SMEs | OECD
US/Europe/Defense– Europe troop withdrawal plans ‘on hold,’ top general says, Connor O’Brien | Politico
US/Eastern Europe – Biden’s Challenge: Continuing Progress in Eastern Europe Despite Russian Adventurism | Middle East Institute

Research & Analysis

China🇨🇳/Covid19- Chinese COVID-19 Misinformation A Year Later, By Elizabeth Chen | Jamestown Foundation 📥 PDF
EU/Russia – EU Strategic Autonomy in the Shadow of Geopolitical Rivalry: A View from Moscow, Sergey Utkin | FIIA
Deterrence –  Deterrence in the 21st Century: Insights from Theory and Practice,  Frans Osinga and Tim Sweijs, eds. | Hague Centre for Strategic Studies/Springer 
EU/Middle East/North Africa – The EU-MENA partnership: time for a reset, Marc Otte | Egmont 
Trade – Global Trade Today is Global Value Chains, David Henig | ECIPE


A conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron | Atlantic Council

The Macron Doctrine, Barack Obama, Capitalisme, Left Wing Populism, The Biden Transition: Your Saturday Briefing

Azra_Files : Nov. 28, 2020

Here’s what you need to know, by Azra Isakovic

#EU🇪🇺/ The #MacronDoctrine and the Geopolitical Future of the EU | @dgapev

#Russia🇷🇺/#UnitedStates🇺🇸/ Biden’s Approach to U.S. Allies and Adversaries Will Challenge Russia, by Dmitri Trenin | Carnegie Moscow Center

#Capitalism/ The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism – Socialist-minded millennial heirs are trying to live their values by getting rid of their money. By Zoë Beery | The New York Times

#LeftWingPopulism/ Diego Maradona, Argentine football great, 1960-2020 | Financial Times

#NYT/ How Does Ben Smith Sleep at Night?  | The New Republic

Books📚/ “A Promised Land” by Barack Obama review – an impressive but incomplete memoir Gary Younge | The Guardian

Books📚/ 10 books to read in December | Le Grand Continent