Your Thursday Briefing

What we need is to use what we have. – Susan Sontag

By Azra Isakovic

Thursday, February 25

Good morning

Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


France – À la ligne de Joseph Ponthus | Editions Table Ronde
France – La guerre des mots par Nicolas Framont, Selim Derkaoui, Antoine Glorieux | éditions le passager clandestin
US/China – The Great Decoupling by Nigel Inkster | Hurst Publishers


EU – Chartbook Newsletter #13  by Adam Tooze
Khashoggi report – Biden set to call Saudi king, by HansNichols | Axios
Russia/Turkey – The biggest geopolitical shake-ups since the end of the cold war | The Economist
BigTech – Facebook and Australia both claim victory | The Economist
Capitalisme – Ce que le règne de McKinsey et des cabinets de conseil nous dit, par Nicolas Framont | Frustration magazine
US – ‘Great Power Competition’ is a Dangerously Simple Frame, C. Anthony Pfaff | Defense One
US/Defense/Europe/Africa – US to push troop synchronisation between Europe and Africa commands, Alexandra Brzozowski | Euractiv
Europe/China – China Faces European Obstacles as Some Countries Heed U.S. Pressure, Daniel Michaels and Valentina Pop | The Wall Street Journal

Research & Analysis

Tech Future – Improving Social Media | Scribd
Europe/Defense – Collective Collapse or Resilience? European Defense Priorities in the Pandemic Era, Corentin Brustlein (ed.) | IFRI
Africa – A Post-Covid-19 Reset: The Future of Africa’s Foreign Partnerships, By Judd Devermont | CSIS


Joseph Ponthus : « L’usine a enlevé tout le gras de mes textes » | France Culture
Joseph Ponthus – À la ligne : feuillets d’usine  | YouTube