Merkel pousse l’accord UE🇪🇺/Chine🇨🇳 – mais à quel prix? | Confrontation ÉtatsUnis🇺🇸/Russie🇷🇺 est à un pas de la guerre | Macron a le même problème que le roi Louis XVI | Votre briefing du mardi

Politique: un conflit d’intérêts déguisé en un concours de principes.
La conduite des affaires publiques pour un avantage privé.
Ambrose Bierce

Azra Isakovic

Par Azra Isakovic

Dec. 22, 2020


Books/Review Orthodoxy of the Elites, by Jackson Lears | The New York Review of Books

EU/China Merkel pushes the EU-China deal – but at what price? by Silke Wettach | WirtschaftsWoche

China and Taiwan: What to Expect in 2021  Ying-Yu Lin, The Diplomat

Why India’s Farmers Wont Stop Protesting  S. Gupta & S. Ganguly, Foreign Policy

Enough With Johnson’s Reckless Optimism  Clare Foges, Times of London

Corruption Cuts Both Ways in Russia’s Surveillance State  L. Bershidsky, BB

John Le Carré’s London of Exiles Is Alive and Well  David Patrikarakos, Spectator

Why Putin Feels Vindicated by the Pandemic  Kadri Liik, ECFR

Protection Without Protectionism  Shannon O’Neil, Foreign Affairs

How 2020 Shaped U.S.-China Relations  Elizabeth Economy et al, CFR

Brexit and the Brussels Effect  Paul De Grauwe, Project Syndicate

Has U.S. Found Sweet Spot With S-400 Sanctions?  Daniel Fried, Atlantic Council

Russia/US An ‘Act of War?’ Avoiding a Dangerous Crisis in Cyberspace, by Dmitri Trenin | Carnegie Russia

China’s Message Control  Jessica Batke & Mareike Ohlberg, ChinaFile

How China Exposed CIA Operatives in Africa, Europe  Zach Dorfman, Foreign Policy

Either U.S. Leads on Crypto, or China Will  Bill Zeiser, RealClearPolicy

The Subversion of History Education in Scotland  Jill Stephenson, Spectator

Did the Arab Uprisings Really Fail?  Frederick Deknatel, World Politics Review

Macron Has the Same Problem as Louis XVI  Lionel Laurent, Japan Times

After Escape: The New Climate Power Politics, by Adam Tooze | Journal e-flux #114 – December 2020

Le nom de Gaïa. À propos d’un malentendu moderne, par Déborah Bucchi | Revue Germinal

NATO-Russia Crisis, Baltic states and Russia, What the New Geopolitics Means for Europe – Your Friday Briefing

“A desk is a dangerous place from which to view the world.” ― John le Carré

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Here’s what you need to know

FT/Books/EssayWhat makes John le Carré a writer of substance, by Simon Schama | Financial Times
Liberal InternationalismThe End of the Wilsonian Era  By Walter Russell Mead | Foreign Affairs

US/Cyber warfareUS cyber hack poses ‘grave risk’ to critical infrastructure by Hannah Murphy | Financial Times
Biden TransitionInstagram is Using False “Fact-Checking” to Protect Joe Biden’s Crime Record From Criticisms | Glenn Greenwald

NATO/Russia –  NATO-Russia Crisis Brief PDF 📥 | December 2020 | Global Zero

Russia/BalticsManaging Adversity: Russia and the Baltics | Carnegie Russia

Technology/Digital – Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Challenges, EU Agency for Cybersecurity 
Technology/Democracy – Artificial Intelligence and Democratic Values, Center for AI and Digital Policy
UK/Indo-Pacific –A Very British Tilt: Towards a new UK strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region, Policy Exchange’s Indo-Pacific Commission 

Europe – What the New Geopolitics Means for Europe  Charles Grant | CER
US/China – Competition With China Could Be Short and Sharp, Michael Beckley and Hal Brands, Foreign Affairs  
EU – Upgrading Europe’s Civilian Crisis Management, Christian Mölling and Fiorence Schimmel, DGAP  
Arab Spring – Ten years after the start of the Arab Spring, it’s time to accept that the revolution may never return, by Steven A. Cook | Foreign Policy