Your Wednesday Briefing

No one can instill in you a sense of inferiority without your consent.
Bertolt Brecht

By Azra Isakovic

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


Liberal Order – The Liberal Order Begins at Home, by Robin Niblett & Leslie Vinjamuri | Foreign Affairs


Political Science –Nonstate Warfare Stephen Biddle | Princeton University Press
Review – The Origins of Western Divergence  Robert Henderson | City Journal
Political Science –Subtle Tools, Karen J. Greenberg | Princeton University Press


Vaccine Diplomacy – The Surprise Success of Sputnik V  C. Esch, J. Glüsing & C. Hebel | Der Spiegel
US/Russia – U.S.-Russian Relations Will Only Get Worse, James Goldgeier | Foreign Affairs
EU/Global – Built to order: How Europe can rebuild multilateralism after covid-19, Anthony Dworkin | ECFR
Covid19 – A COVID Counterfactual for Europe  Yanis Varoufakis | Project Syndicate
China – With Xinjiang Cotton, China Takes On the World  Kris Cheng & Holmes Chan | Lowy
Northern Ireland – Ignoring Northern Ireland’s Dangerous Drift  Andrew McQuillan | Spectator
Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Clashes Show Brexit Isn’t Done Ailbhe Rea | New Statesman
French politics: Macron faces test of character as Le Pen’s popularity grows, Victor Mallet | FT
Corporation Tax – Global corporate tax deal edges closer after US backs minimum rate, Chris Giles, Guy Chazan and David Keohane | FT

Research & Analysis

Economy/Health – Economic Policy for a Pandemic Age, Monica de Bolle, Maurice Obstfeld and Adam S. Posen | PIIE
Health – Health Silk Road 2020:A Bridge To The Future Of Health For All By Henry Tillman, YE Yu, YANG Jian | Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) [PDF]
EU/5G –The impact of 5G on the European economy | Accenture
EU/Corruption – A wicked problem: How to cooperate with collusive states? Roderick Parkes and Mark McQuay | EUISS
China – China as a ‘cyber great power’: Beijing’s two voices in telecommunications, Rush Doshi, Emily de La Bruyère, Nathan Picarsic, and John Ferguson | Brookings


Your Monday Briefing

Republicans have nothing but bad ideas and Democrats have no ideas. Lewis Black

By Azra Isakovic

Monday, March 01

Welcome to Your Monday Briefing


Reclaiming Public Ownership Andrew Cumbers | Zed Books
The Problems of Genocide, Dirk Moses | History at Cambridge


US/Iran – Iran Rejects Nuclear Deal Talks With U.S. , by Farnaz Fassihi & David E. Sanger | The New York Times
Brexit – The Ugly Divorce Between Britain and Brussels Mark Landler | The New York Times
China – The age of empire is back, by Aris Roussinos | UnHerd
Nord Stream 2 – Le gazoduc russe qui sème la zizanie en Europe | Le Monde
Chartbook Newsletter #14 by Adam Tooze
US/China – How to stop China’s long march, by Edward Luttwak | UnHerd
EU – Can the EU survive the death of liberalism? By Larry Siedentop | UnHerd

Research & Analysis

US – United States Counterterrorism Operations 2018–2020, Stephanie Savell, Watson Institute, Brown University [PDF] 📥
Soft Power – Global Soft Power Index | Brand Finance [PDF] 📥
EU/India – Circles of EU-India Engagement | Swedish Institute of International Affairs
Ukraine – Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Parts of Ukraine’s Donbas since 2014, | Swedish Institute of International Affairs


Costs of War – The Human Toll of the Post-9/11 Wars | Brown University

Your Monday Briefing

Democracy is being allowed to vote for the candidate you dislike least.

Robert Byrne

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 18, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Monday Briefing


#Livres 📚/#Recension – Open Democracy. Reinventing Popular Rule for the Twenty-First Century, Hélène Landemore,  Princeton University Press, | À la recherche d’une représentation démocratique par Éric Buge |  La Vie des idées
Books – Managing Transition: The First Post-Uprising Phase in Tunisia and Libya by Sabina Henneberg | Cambridge Core
Review of Books – The Limits of Caste Hazel V. Carby | London Review of Books
Review of Books  – Cynical Realism – Randall Kennedy on the biases of the Supreme Court | London Review of Books


US – The Normalization of the Post-Sept. 11 Regime, by Stephen I. Vladeck | Tablet Magazine
Brexit – A look at Swiss politics shows that Euroskepticism is in the United Kingdom to stay, by Joseph de Weck | Foreign Policy
Europe/France/Germany – When Opposites Don’t Attract, by Joseph de Weck | Internationale Politik Quarterly
The Biden Transition – To Understand This Chaotic Transition, Rewind to the Last One | The New York Times
The Biden Transition – A Former Marine Stormed the Capitol as Part of a Far-Right Militia | The New Yorker
China/EU – Hungary Welcomes EU’s First Chinese University Campus | The Voice of America
Turkey – Erdogan’s great game: Turkey pushes into Africa with aid, trade and soaps |  Financial Times
Ideas – The Conservative Cult of Victimhood Trump was a perpetrator who thought himself a victim, and American society has indulged that same illusion among Trump supporters. David Frum | The Atlantic

Research & Analysis

#China🇨🇳/ The New Challenge of Communist Corporate Governance | CSIS  PDF 📥
EU/ROK – Consultations Resilience and Trust in Cyberspace | German Marshall Fund
Turkey🇹🇷 – Is Polarization Turkey’s Fate? By Emre Erdoğan @urbanhobbit | German Marshall Fund


Movies – The Movies That Mattered in 2020 by Anthony Lane | The New Yorker
Movies/Reviews – “Dear Comrades!” Is Andrei Konchalovsky’s Masterpiece, by Anthony Lane | The New Yorker

Your Thursday Briefing

A week is a long time in politics. – Harold Wilson

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 7, 2021

Good morning.

Welcome to your Thursday briefing


Books – The Paranoid Style in American Politics, By Richard Hofstadter |  Harper’s Magazine
Books – Charisma and Disenchantment | Books at NYRB
Books – The 10 Best Books of 2020 | New York Times Books
Books – Three New Books on the Predigital Technologies That Shaped Our World | New York Times Books


US/Digital – The U.S. Failed to Execute Its Cyberstrategy—and Russia Pounced, Rob Knake, Foreign Affairs 
US/EU/Defense – The EU is the Military Ally the US Needs, Max Bergmann, Foreign Affairs 
Europe – Europe’s Geopolitical Moment, Daniela Schwarzer, Internationale Politik Quarterly 
EU – The EU’s Double Bind, Mark Leonard, Internationale Politik Quarterly 
EU/Climate – Flexing the Regulatory Muscle, Noah J. Gordon, Internationale Politik Quarterly  
EU/UK – EU-UK Relations: Time for a ‘New Normal’ post-Brexit, Richard G Whitman, Chatham House 
EU/China – With China deal, EU leaves the hard part to Washington, Dalibor Rohac, Politico 
France/EU – The lonely leader: The origins of France’s strategy for EU foreign policy, | ECFR
Europe/China – Watching China in Europe – January 2021, Noah Barkin, GMF  
NATO – NATO plans space center to counter Russia, China satellite threats, Joshua Posaner, Politico 
US/Turkey – Biden and Erdogan Are Trapped in a Double Fantasy, Asli Aydintasbas and Jeremy Shapiro, Foreign Policy 
Germany Ponders a Post-Merkel Shift on China  Erika Solomon & Guy Chazan, FT
Britain Returns to Its Past George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures
Is America Ready for an Asian NATO?  Douglas Bulloch, 1945
What Does Vietnam Want From U.S. in South China Sea?  D. Grossman, Diplomat
European Elections to Watch in 2021  Emma Anderson, Politico EU
What We Can Do to Expose China’s Abuses  Daniel Finkelstein, Times of London


Research & Analysis 

US/China – Deglobalisation in the context of United States-China decoupling, Alicia García-Herrero and Junyu Tan, Bruegel
EU – Rethinking EU Leadership in the “Neighbourhood”: Limits and Ambitions | IAI 
Arctic – Governance and Economic Challenges for the Global Shipping Enterprise in a Seasonally Ice-Covered Arctic Ocean, Lawson W. Brigham,  in Kristina Spohr and Daniel S. Hamilton, editors, Jason Moyer, associate editor


Biden Transition – États Unis : l’impossible passation de pouvoir ? Avec Romain Huret et Hubert Vedrine | France Culture
France Culture – Jacques Prévert ou l’amour de la vie (3/4) :  Prévert engagé – et ami | France Culture

Your Tuesday Briefing What you should know for Tuesday, December 29

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy;
that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Your Tuesday Briefing What you should know for Tuesday, December 29

Covid19 – The Threat of Authoritarianism in the U.S. is Very Real, and Has Nothing To Do With Trump | Glenn Greenwald

Covid19 –  Des reconfinements locaux envisagés après les fêtes |  Les Echos

Trump Weighed Naming Election Conspiracy Theorist as Special Counsel | New York Times

Books – The Habsburgs by Martyn Rady review – negative genetic feedback loop, by John Gallagher | The Guardian

Updating the Strategic Canon for a Sinocentric Era  John Sullivan, War on the Rocks

A Key to Johnson’s Triumph Over Europe  Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

The Vast Gulf Between Scotland and England  Iain Pope, The Scotsman

Old Man Trudeau and a Pack of Newbies  Shannon Proudfoot, Maclean’s

What Canada’s Conservative Leader Must Do  Kelly McParland, National Post

The 7 Secrets of 2020  Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate

Russia🇷🇺/Baltic – Building Trust Between Russia and the Baltic Sea Region by Per Carlsen | Carnegie Russia

China/Diplomacy Year in a Word: Wolf Warrior  Tom Mitchell, Financial Times

Preventing a Crisis With North Korea  Victor Cha, CSIS

The Next Pandemic May Be Closer Than You Think  Jörg Phil Friedrich, Worldcrunch

China Wades Into Nepal’s Political Crisis  Sudha Ramachandran, The Diplomat

Capital markets – Global banks generate record $125bn fee haul in 2020 | Financial Times

US🇺🇸 – Biden Must End the Forever Wars By David Klion | The Nation

Your Monday Briefing : What you should know for Monday, December 28

In politics stupidity is not a handicap. Napoleon Bonaparte

Azra Isakovic

Good Morning

Your Monday Briefing: What you should know for Monday, December 28

Vaccinations – E.U.’s Mass Vaccination Campaign Starts, With Nursing Homes as Focus by Melissa Eddy et Marc Santora | New York Times

The World in 2021 – A difficult year looms for the European Union | The Economist

The World in 2021 – The Chinese Communist Party turns 100 | The Economist

EU🇪🇺/#UK🇬🇧/ Brexit trade deal explained: the key parts of the landmark agreement  | Financial Times

EU🇪🇺/#UK🇬🇧/ EU member states begin process to approve Brexit trade deal | Financial Times

EU🇪🇺/#UK🇬🇧/ The draft EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement | European Commission

Ideas: The Triumph of Kleptocracy, by Franklin Foer | The Atlantic

The Good Son, by Franklin Foer | The Atlantic

2020 Is a Hinge of History  Hal Brands, Bloomberg

America’s History of Luck Is Running Out  Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy

The Many Questions That Follow the Brexit Agreement  Economist

Ethiopia’s War Casts a Shadow Over Sudan  Nasr Eddin al-Tayib, Worldcrunch

Foundation of a Russian Protectorate  Vladimir Socor, Jamestown

America Needs a Defense Authorization Act  James Jay Carafano, Heritage

5 Foreign Policy Stories to Watch in 2021  James Lindsay, Council on Foreign Relations

A Deal to End Brexit Delusions  Martin Wolf, Financial Times

No Telling Whether Brexit Deal Is Good  Stephen Bush, New Statesman

Small Print of Brexit Deal Is Reassuring  Steven Barrett, Spectator

A Win for Boris, for Now  Charlie Cooper, Politico EU

Tory Activists Give Early Thumbs-Up to Brexit Deal  P. Goodman, Cons. Home

The Brexit War Is Over  Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail

Brexit : Londres et Bruxelles sont arrivés à un accord | Une année pas comme les autres: 2020 en images | Votre briefing du jeudi

« Il est difficile d’imaginer offrir des ensembles de livres de sociologie pour les cadeaux de Noël, ce serait tout à fait impensable » – Pierre Bourdieu

Azra Isakovic

Good Evening

Your Thursday Briefing: What you should know for Thursday, December 24

Brexit : Londres et Bruxelles sont arrivés à un accord Les Echos

Covid-19 – Emmanuel Macron, Free of Covid-19 Symptoms, Leaves Isolation, By Constant Méheut | The New York Times

Brexit – Britain and E.U. Scramble to Reach Brexit Deal Before Christmas Mark Landler | The New York Times

Book Review – The Sociologist and the Historian by Pierre Bourdieu and Roger Chartier by Canan Bolel | LSE Review of Books

Sociologie – Jaurès, Durkheim, Lévi-Strauss : il y a un siècle, quand les sciences sociales étaient socialistes Par Chloé Leprince |  France Culture

EU/China – Paris will block EU-China deal, says trade minister |  POLITICO Europe

China – How to Deter China: Enter the Democratic Armada  James Holmes, 1945

China/Asia – Will China Turn Off Asia’s Tap?  Brahma Chellaney, Project Syndicate

US/Russia With Biden’s New Threats, the Russia Discourse is More Reckless and Dangerous Than Ever | Glenn Greenwald

Covid19 – Maybe Freedom is Having No Followers to Lose by Zeynep Tufekci

Russia – Has Navalny’s Prank Finally Shattered the FSB Myth?  Sergey Radchenko, M. Times

China/India – The SCO’s Limited Role in Easing India-China Tensions    James MacHaffie, Jamestown

Azerbaijan – A Pyrrhic Victory for Azerbaijan?  Ido Vock, New Statesman

Turkey/Erdogan Erdogan’s Political Challengers Are Getting Tougher  Bobby Ghosh, Japan Times

2020 – A Year Like No Other: 2020 in Pictures | The New York Times

Pierre Bourdieu & Robert Chartier – Série de 5 entretiens

We hope you have a Merry festive period and we’ll see you in 2021.

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

#Brexit/#Covid19/ Boris Johnson et l’effondrement du #Leadership_Chaos | The Intelligence Dilemma – Les Américains se bousculent donc pour savoir ce que les Russes ont vu… | Biden veut convoquer un «sommet international pour la démocratie». Il ne devrait pas | Votre briefing du mercredi 23 décembre 2020

Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you.
Ralph Nader

Azra Isakovic


Votre briefing du matin : ce que vous devez savoir pour le mercredi 23 décembre

US/Russia – The Intelligence Dilemma, by George Friedman | Geopolitical Futures

Asia Pacific – Japan and South Korea scramble jets to track Russian and Chinese bomber patrol | Justin Mccurry | The Guardian

Biden Transition – Biden wants to convene an international ‘Summit for Democracy’. He shouldn’t | David Adler and Stephen Wertheim | The Guardian

US – Can Democracy Hold Us Together? | Patrick J. Buchanan

Boris Johnson and the Collapse of Chaos as Leadership  Daniel Fortin, Les Echos

Why America Needs a Foreign Policy Reset  Dimitri Simes, National Interest

How We Can Help the Chinese People  Joseph Bosco, The Hill

Will Pakistan’s Military Lose Its Grip on Power?  Aqil Shah, Foreign Affairs

Joe Biden Discovers Russia  Leon Aron, The Dispatch

Russia, U.S. Interests, and Global Economic Stability  J. Haberman, Russia Matters

No End in Sight to Yemen’s Misery  Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

A Diplomatic Agenda for the Syrian Puzzle  Charles Thépaut, Washington Institut

Welcome to Our Tuesday Briefing – Here’s what you need to know

If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal. – Emma Goldman

Azra Isakovic

Good morning and Welcome to Our Tuesday Briefing – Here’s what you need to know

US presidential election 2020 –  Republicans accept Joe Biden’s victory after Electoral College vote | Financial Times  

US🇺🇸Barr to step down as US attorney-general after Trump attacks | Financial Times  
Cyber warfare US orders emergency action after huge cyber security breach | Financial Times

EU/UK – Why the World Should Root for the EU in Brexit Talks, Edward Alden, Foreign Policy 
Germany – Who Will Succeed Merkel? Josef Joffe, Project Syndicate 
US – Al Gore: Where I Find Hope, Al Gore, New York Times  
US/Intelligence – Crisis of Confidence: How Biden Can Restore Faith in U.S. Spy Agencies, Foreign Affairs 
US/Russia – Managing US sanctions toward Russia, Steven Pifer, Brookings  
US/Russia – How to Safely Manage U.S.-Russian Great-Power Competition, Dmitri Trenin and Thomas Graham, Carnegie Moscow 

China – China pulls back from the world: rethinking Xi’s ‘project of the century’, James Kynge and Jonathan Wheatley, Financial Times 
China/NATO – China’s Rise Can Unite NATO, Henrik Larsen, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich
US🇺🇸/China🇨🇳/Tech/Techno-nationalism and corporate governance, by Alex Capri | Hinrich Foundation
China claims quantum supremacy with new supercomputer

China🇨🇳/Nuclear notebookChinese nuclear forces, 2020 | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
OSCE – Strengthening the OSCE’s Role in Election System Monitoring, Tyson Barker, DGAP 
BiographyOn a New Biography of Karl Marx by Branco Milanovic | Brave New Europe
EconomyThe Friedman doctrine in the 21st century by Michael Roberts | Brave New Europe

Our Monday Briefing – Here’s what you need to know

    The truth is lived, not taught. Hermann Hesse

Azra Isakovic

Good morning and welcome!

Here’s what you need to know

Biden Transition Five things to watch when the Electoral College votes | The Hill

Biden TransitionGerman-American Relations After Trump  Christiane Hoffmann & René Pfister, Spiegel

Biden TransitionRussia, Biden and Cyber Regulation  Pavel Sharikov, Riddle

Biden Transition‘This Must Be Your First’ – Acting as if Trump is trying to stage a coup is the best way to ensure he won’t, by Zeynep Tufekci | The Atlantic

Biden Transition –  President Joe Biden and the restoration of US global leadership: Turning the tide? – | FIIA

China/BRIChina’s Policy Banks Are Lending Differently, Not Less | The Diplomat

China/Energy China’s Footprints in Kazakh Oil and Gas Industry  | The Diplomat

Books/ReviewThe Audacity of Disappointment: Barack Obama’s A Promised Land by Frankie Bond | The Social Review

Brexit – EU and UK agree to continue Brexit trade deal talks  | Financial Times

Brexit/EU🇪🇺/UK🇬🇧 – UK puts Royal Navy on standby to deter European fishing boats, by  Jim Pickard via Financial Times

Brexit/EU🇪🇺/UK🇬🇧/ Brexit negotiators make progress on key issue in trade talks, by George Parker, Jim Brunsden and Sam Fleming | Financial Times

Brexit More Brexit Talks Are Worst Possible Outcome  Matthew Lynn, Spectator

Brexit The Shape of Our Bad Deal Is Clear  Tom Kibasi, Guardian

Brexit/EU🇪🇺/UK🇬🇧 – EU and UK still ‘far apart’ but Brexit deal hopes rise | Financial Times