September Briefing #2

 “I’m of the opinion that it’s okay to be silent, to not speak if you don’t have anything to say.”
Cate Blanchett

By Azra Isakovic

Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021

Good Afternoon

Welcome to Your September Briefing #2


Chine – Les opérations d’influence chinoises – Un moment machiavélien, Paul Charon et Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer | IRSEM – RAMH | IRSEM


UK – The Rise and Fall of the British Nation. A Twentieth-Century History, David Edgerton | Penguin Books
Neoliberalism – Market Civilizations, Quinn Slobodian & Dieter Plehwe | Zone Books | Princeton University Press
Neoliberalism – The Triumph of Broken Promises: The End of the Cold War and the Rise of Neoliberalism, Fritz Bartel | Harvard University Press


FranceMiroir, mon beau miroir, dis-moi si je suis encore une grande puissance? Jean-Do Merchet | l’Opinion
China – China’s ’Dual Cycle’ development model and the digital revolution, Emily de La Bruyere | Hinrich Foundation
China – Is Evergrande « China’s Lehman moment »? by Adam Tooze
Europe‘Brussels as the new Moscow’ | International Politics & Society
Aukus The new Australia, UK, and US nuclear submarine announcement | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
AukusIs the AUKUS alliance meaningful or merely provocation? | Chatham House
Aukus The Observer view on Anglo-French relations, Observer editorial | The Guardian
AukusMaking waves in the Pacific: how Boris Johnson’s Global Britain went rogue, Simon Tisdall | The Guardian
Economy How and why the idea of a national economy is radical, David Edgerton [PDF]  
UK L’ascension, la chute… et l’éclatement de la nation britannique ?  ITW de David Edgerton, Louis de Catheu | GEG
Europe Europe’s reputation as a cosmopolitan haven has been exposed as a mirage, Hans Kundnani | The Guardian

Research & Analysis

GlobalGlobal Catastrophic – Risks 2021: Navigating the Complex Intersection | Global Challenges Foundation
UK/ChinaThe UK and China’s security and trade relationship: A strategic void. | UK Parliament
EU/US/China : Hybrid Multilateralism and the Limits of Prioritizing Values, Kerry Brown | GlobalSummitry


Is A Cold War With China Inevitable? Kerry Brown with Owen Jones 

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