Your Wednesday Briefing

« A generation which ignores history has no past and no future. »
Robert Heinlein

By Azra Isakovic

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Wednesday Briefing


US – Why Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal doesn’t mark the end of America’s “forever war” Samuel Moyn | New Statesman World


Philanthropie – Philanthropes en démocratie par Anne Monier | Puf/Vie des idées
Life – A Day in the Life of Abed Salama, Nathan Thrall | The New York Review of Books
Médias –  L’Information est un bien public Julia Cagé, Benoît Huet | Editions du Seuil


Human Rights – Rights Group Hits Israel With Explosive Charge: Apartheid, Patrick Kingsley | The New York Times
Human Rights – Abusive Israeli Policies Constitute Crimes of Apartheid | Human Rights Watch
Médias –  « L’information est un bien public » : le plan de bataille pour la probité et la liberté des médias, par Aude Dassonville | Le Monde
EU/Technology – The EU path towards regulation on artificial intelligence, Valeria Marcia and Kevin C. Desouza | Brookings
UK – Moving Past the Troubles: The Future of Northern Ireland Peace, Charles Landow and James McBride | CFR
India – India’s Catastrophe: Illness, Everywhere  Jeffrey Gettleman | New York Times
Russia – The Urgent Need for Improved Cyber Defense  Paul Kolbe | Russia Matters
China/US – China Is Wrong About U.S. Decline  Martin Wolf | Financial Times
Russia/ Czech Republic – Russian State Terrorism Has Triggered the Biggest Fallout with the Czech Republic since 1989, Adéla Klečková | GMF
EU/Defence – Charting a new course: How Poland can contribute to European defence Karolina Muti | ECFR
China/Taiwan – Could China Blockade Taiwan?  Simon Leitch | National Interest
China/US – Four Ways a China-U.S. War at Sea Could Play Out  James Stavridis | Bloomberg
US/Biden – Biden’s Philosophy of “As If” | Bruno Maçães
US/Biden – Biden’s Dreampolitik at Home and Abroad, Bruno Maçães | American Affairs Journal | American Affairs

Research & Analysis

Corruption/Europe – How to fight corruption and uphold the rule of law, Carmino Mortera-Martinez | Centre for European Reform/Open Society Institute
Israel – “A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution,” | Human Rights Watch
UK/EU/Germany – Germany, the EU and Global Britain: So Near, Yet So Far: How to Link “Global Britain” to European Foreign and Security Policy, Claudia Major and Nicolai von Ondarza | SWP


Climate – How Radical Is President Joe Biden On Climate? Aaron Bastani & Adam Tooze | Downstream

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