Your Monday Briefing

To join in the industrial revolution, you needed to open a factory; in the Internet revolution, you need to open a laptop.
Alexis Ohanian

By Azra Isakovic

Monday, April 26, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Monday Briefing


Neoliberalism –The politics of welfare Lois McNay, 2021 | SAGE Journals


20 Years Later: 9/11 Anniversary Books By Liz Scheier | Publishers Weekly
The Things We Carry: 9/11 Anniversary Books, by Liz Scheier | Publishers Weekly
Climate – Overheated – How Capitalism Broke the Planet–And How We Fight Back, by Kate Aronoff @KateAronoff | Bold Type Books


Germany/Russia – Germany’s Heiko Maas opposes tougher Russia sanctions | DW News
US/India – The case for US cooperation with India on a just transition away from coal | Brookings
US/China – China’s surprising drone sales in the Middle East, By: Bradley Bowman, Maj. Jared Thompson, and Ryan Brobst | Defense News
Hong Kong – ‘I Stand the Law’s Good Servant, but the People’s First’ | China File
Japan/Indo-Pacific –  Japan’s Indo-Pacific Moment, Elliot Waldman | World Politics
Chad – Chad facing hard choices as anxious allies ill-prepared | Chatham House
A glimpse of the future: The Ever Given and the weaponisation of choke-points, Filip Medunic | ECFR
Conservatism – The Two Crises of Conservatism, Ross Douthat | New York Times Opinion

Research & Analysis

Middle East – Steps to enable a Middle East regional security process, Sanam Vakil, Neil Quilliam | Chatham House
Taiwan – Can Taiwan have security & the good life? | Brookings
Energy – Global Energy Review 2021 | IEA


Les Enjeux internationaux – Joe Biden reconnaît le génocide arménien : comment peut réagir la Turquie ? par Julie Gacon | France Culture

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