Your Thursday Briefing

A society without dreams is a society without a future.
Carl Gustav Jung

By Azra Isakovic

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


Green Energy – America’s race to net zero, Adam Tooze | New Statesman


US/History – Ages of American Capitalism, Jon Levy | Penguin Random House
Review – Ages of American Capitalism | Eric Primm
À propos de : Karen Akoka, L’asile et l’exil. Une histoire de la distinction réfugiés/migrants, La Découverte, par Annalisa Lendaro | La Vie des idées


India/Covid19 – ‘The system has collapsed’: India’s descent into Covid hell, Hannah Ellis-Petersen | The Guardian
Vaccine – How the Pandemic Changed Europe, Isaac Chotiner & Adam Tooze | The New Yorker
ECB – Hawks press ECB to scale back bond buying despite rising Covid wave Martin Arnold | Financial Times
Ukraine – Prepare for the Worst, András Rácz | DGAP
Ukraine/Russia – Russia, Ukraine and the West: Déjà vu all over again, Ian Bond | Encompass
Russia/Ukraine – Why Russia Is Escalating in Ukraine  Andreas Umland | National Interest
Interventionism – Is Liberal Interventionism Dead?  Sholto Byrnes | The National
Angela Merkel – The Merkel Model and Its Limits  Constanze Stelzenmüller | Foreign Affairs
US/Japan – The U.S.-Japan Summit: Uneventful and Indecisive  June Teufel Dreyer | FPRI
Germany – Germany’s corruption scandals: How to limit authoritarian influence in the EU, Gustav Gressel and Majda Ruge, | ECFR
Ukraine/Turkey – Ukraine-Turkey Cooperation Has Its Limits  Dimitar Bechev | Al Jazeera
Biden/Tax Havens – Biden’s War on Tax Havens Could Pinch Europe  David Böcking et al | Der Spiegel
US – How Joe Biden is reshaping America’s global role | The Economist
US/Digital – America’s Place in Cyberspace: The Biden Administration’s Cyber Strategy Takes Shape, David P. Fidler | CFR
Economy/Technology – The digital revolution is eating its young, Mark Esposito, Landry Signé, and Nicholas Davis | Brookings
Neoliberalism – Are Intellectual Property Rights Neoliberal? Yes and No, by Quinn Slobodian | ProMarket

Research & Analysis

Economy/Global – Global Goliaths: Multinational Corporations in the 21st Century Economy, C. Fritz Foley, James R. Hines Jr. and David Wessel | Brookings
Global Trade – East Asian Forum Quarterly: Reinventing global trade | Hinrich Foundation
Freedom – 2021 World Press Freedom Index | Reporters Without Borders
Europe/Climate – Europe’s green moment: How to meet the climate challenge, Susi Dennison, Rafael Loss and Jenny Söderström | ECFR
American Foreign Policy – Do External Threats Unite or Divide? Rachel Myrick | Cambridge Core


Ukraine – « Zelenskyy’s foreign policy: One year in » | Atlantic Council

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