Your Friday Briefing

“Politics is not an exact science.” Otto Von Bismarck

By Azra Isakovic

Friday, April 9, 2021

Good Day

Welcome to Your Friday Briefing


Post-neoliberalism – The Revenge of Sovereignty on Government? The Release of Neoliberal Politics from Economics Post-2008, Will Davies | Theory, Culture & Society
Post-neoliberalism –Software, Sovereignty and the Post-Neoliberal Politics of Exit Harrison Smith, Roger Burrows | Theory, Culture & Society


Xinjiang – Eurasian Crossroads – A History of Xinjiang, James A. Millward | Hurst Publishers
Middle East – The Middle East Crisis Factory – Tyranny, Resilience and Resistance, Ahmed Gatnash, Iyad El-Baghdadi | Hurst Publishers


EU/US/Economy – Europe has a lot to learn from Joe Biden’s audacity, Philip Stephens | Financial Times
US🇺🇸/China🇨🇳/Taïwan🇹🇼 Biden Backs Taiwan, but Some Call for a Clearer Warning to China, Michael Crowley | The New York Times
China – China’s Techno-Authoritarianism Goes Global  Maya Wang | Foreign Affairs
China/Myanmar – Will Beijing Intervene in Myanmar?  Abby Seiff | ChinaFile
China/Taiwan – Taiwan and the Use of Force: China’s Conundrum  Frank Ching | Japan Times
Myanmar – Myanmar’s Military Chooses Total Violence  Francis Wade | New Statesman
EU – Friends like these: How foreign policy could derail an alliance of Europe’s populist right, Pawel Zerka | ECFR
Russia/Ukraine – Kremlin saber-rattling in Ukraine: How the West should react, Steven Pifer | Brookings
Covid19/Vaccine – Germany starting talks to buy Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, by Jillian Deutsch | POLITICO Europe
Covid19/Vaccine – Britain’s vaccine success was supposed to lead to freedom. What happened? Kate Andrews | The Spectator

Research & Analysis

Post-neoliberalism –TCS Special Issue: ‘Post-neoliberalism?’ | Theory, Culture & Society  
Hardware Innovation – Labs Over Fabs: RISC-V’s Promise by Jordan Schneider | ChinaTalk
US/Security/Technology –Linking National Security and Innovation: Part 1, James Andrew Lewis | CSIS
Ukraine – Ukraine’s half-hearted reforms: What needs to change in the West’s approach? Arkady Moshes and Ryhor Nizhnikau | FIIA


UE🇪🇺/Turquie🇹🇷/Podcast🎧Entre démocratie et transactionnalisme | SWP Berlin

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