Your Thursday Briefing

« A paranoid man is a man who knows a little about what’s going on. » William S. Burroughs

By Azra Isakovic

Thursday April 1, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


COVID-19/Vaccine –Here’s how to get billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to the world Chad P. Bown & Thomas J. Bollyky | Peterson Institute


Ayn Rand – I Have Come to Bury Ayn Rand  David Sloan Wilson | Nautilus
Review –  Investing With Keynes  Philip Delves Broughton | The Wall Street Journal


France –Macron Returns France to Lockdown as Vaccinations Lag, by Norimitsu Onishi and Constant Méheut | The New York Time
France/Defense – The French armed forces are planning for high-intensity war | The Economist
Germany/Health ‘We are a laughing stock’: Covid-19 and Germany’s political malaise, Guy Chazan | Financial Times
Suez – On the Suez Canal and Chokepoints  George Friedman | Geopolitical Futures
US/Army – U.S. Army Goes to School on Nagorno-Karabakh  Jack Detsch | Foreign Policy
India – India Has a Stake in Myanmar  Pratap Bhanu Mehta | Indian Express
Cyberworld Order – Russia and China Try to Rewrite the Cyberworld Order  David Ignatius | WaPo
Russia/Italy – Russian Spy Case Escalates in Italy  | RFERL
Pakistan/India – Another Tactical Thaw in Pakistan-India Relations  Aryaman Bhatnagar |  WPR
China/EU – China’s New Bogeyman: Europe  Stuart Lau | Politico EU
US – The U.S. Cannot Be Choosy About Its Allies  Janan Ganesh | Financial Times
US/MBS – A Wiser U.S. Check on MBS’s Power  F. Gregory Gause III | Foreign Affairs
EU/Trade – Europe and the Prospects for WTO Reform, Jennifer Hillman and Alex Tippett | CFR
US –Biden unveils $2tn infrastructure plan and big corporate tax rise, James Politi | Financial Times

Research & Analysis

Disinformation – Critical Disinformation Studies | unc_citap
Europe/Deterrence – Europe’s Evolving Deterrence Discourse, Amelia Morgan and Anna Peczeli, eds. | LLNL /King’s College/SAIC
EU – The power surplus, Ignacio Garcia Bercero and Kalypso Nicolaidis | CEPS
UK/Digital – Why The Government’s Integrated Defence Review Risks Sounding Like “Cyber-Rattling”, Ciaran Martin | Prospect/


Enjeux InternationauxLe Sri Lanka, théâtre de la rivalité Inde/Chine, Julie Gacon et Raphaëlle Khan | France Culture

France/Defense – The French armed forces are planning for high-intensity war | The Economist

Atlas Hugged – David Sloan Wilson talks about his new book | Simpol

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