Your Friday Briefing

“You can do everything with bayonets, but you are not able to sit on them”
Otto Von Bismarck

By Azra Isakovic

Friday, March 26

Good morning

Welcome to Your Friday Briefing


Rousseau on Inequality – How Rousseau Predicted Trump, Pankaj Mishra | The New Yorker
Rousseau on InequalityDiscourse on Inequality, 1755 | AUB


Freedom – Freedom – An Unruly History, Annelien de Dijn | Harvard University Press
Review – The Untold History of Freedom Tyler Stovall | The Nation
Review – Aboutness: On Hieronymus Bosch  T.J. Clark, London Review of Books
À propos de : Une histoire universelle des ruines. Des origines aux Lumières, Alain Schnapp | Seuil, par Géraldine Sfez | La Vie des idées


EU/Vaccine – EU vaccine schism overshadows Biden’s summit cameo, Mehreen Khan and David Hindley | Financial Times
Turkey/Greece/EU/NATO – Where to Draw the Line in the Eastern Mediterranean, Michaël Tanchum, Foreign Policy
Nuclear Notebook – How many nuclear weapons does Russia have in 2021? By Hans M. Kristensen, Matt Korda | Bulletin of the Atomic
Japan/Taiwan/China –  What Can Japan Do in a Taiwan-China Clash?  Michael MacArthur Bosack, JT
US/China – There Will Not Be a New Cold War  Thomas Christensen | Foreign Affairs
China/Hong Kong – Hong Kong Is Just a Starting Point for China  Weifeng Zhong | The Dispatch
Nord Stream 2 – Maybe Washington Should Let Nord Stream 2 Go  Daniel DePetris | RCWorld
Myanmar – Don’t Ignore Myanmar  Benedict Rogers | Persuasion
EU/China – Europe’s Tightrope Diplomacy on China, Philippe Le Corre | Carnegie
China – What Beijing’s Capitol Riot Schadenfreude Reveals  J. Eisenman & H. Grizzell | FP
China – China’s Coming Demographic Collapse  Gordon Chang | National Interest
South Korea – Ambiguity Weakens South Korea  Shim Jae-yun | Korea Times
Health/Serbia/Western Balkans – Serbia’s Vaccine Influence in the Balkans, Heather A. Conley and Dejana Saric | CSIS

Research & Analysis

Economy – Fiscal and Exchange Rate Policies Drive Trade Imbalances, Joseph E. Gagnon and Madi Sarsenbayev | PIIE
US/Digital – Posture Statement of General Paul M. Nakasone, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command, Before the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee
Digital – Testimony of Mark Zuckerberg, Before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittees on Consumer Protection & Commerce and Communications & Technology
Economy – L’automobile, talon d’Achille de l’industrie allemande ? Marie Krpata | IFRI


Bertrand Tavernier : « Je fais un cinéma de partage » | France Culture
Bertrand Tavernier : Lyon, le cinéma et ses artistes | Archive INA

Talking Politics – Rousseau on Inequality | Acast

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