Your Tuesday Briefing

“Limitation is essential to authority. A government is legitimate only if it is effectively limited.”

Lord Acton

By Azra Isakovic

February 02, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


À propos de : Comment perdre une guerre, Élie Baranets | CNRS Ed, par T Delamare | La Vie des idées

Surveillance Capitalism – The Coup We Are Not Talking About  Shoshana Zuboff | The New York Times
Review – Napoleon & De Gaulle: Heroes and History, by Daniel J. Mahoney | City Journal
About: Le dossier sauvage, Philippe Artières | Gallimard, by Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod | Books & Ideas


US/China – How We Lose against China | National Review
US – What those mourning the fragility of American democracy get wrong, Alasdair S. Roberts, The Conversation
US – Joe Biden’s ‘Buy American’ isn’t bad, it’s necessary, Rana Foroohar, Financial Times
US/Europe – Transatlantic relations for the Biden era and beyond, Ian Bond, Centre for European Reform
US/Turkey – A path for Joe Biden to reset US relations with Turkey, Sinan Ulgen, Financial Times
EU/Digital – Europe’s digital economy needs analogue wings to fly, Martin Sandbu, Financial Times
Draw Red Lines and Focus on Xi  Frederick Kempe, Atlantic Council
Taiwan – Taiwan as an Economic Fortress  Huang Tien-lin, Taipei Times
Xi Tells the World What He Really Wants  Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy
Biden’s Nightmare May Be China  Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Von Der Leyen’s Trail of Disaster  Matthew Lynn, Spectator
Vaccine – Why the European Commission Failed the Vaccine Challenge  G. Rachman, FT
UK/China – The U.K.’s Incoherent China Strategy  David Green, World Politics Review
Myanmar’s Coup – Myanmar’s Coup Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone Salil Tripathi, Foreign Policy
Myanmar’s Coup – Burma’s Coup: What to Watch For  Michael Auslin, National Review
Myanmar’s Coup – A Hero or a Foil? Myanmar’s Leader Ends Up as Neither  Hannah Beech, NYT

Research & Analysis

Environment – The Green Future Index | MIT Technology Review
Nuclear/Europe – Nuclear deterrence in Europe: points of convergence, singularities and prospects for cooperation, Emmanuelle Maitre | FRS
US/China – Inflicting Surprise: Gaining Competitive Advantage in Great Power Conflicts | CSIS
Turkey/Europe – Charting a Way out of Deadlock in Eastern Mediterranean  Galip Dalay, Brookings
UK/US – A Washington Strategy for British Diplomacy  Ben Judah, Policy Exchange


Inégalités – L’invention du bon et du mauvais pauvre Xavier Mauduit | France Culture

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