Your Thursday Briefing

“Government rules the present. Literature rules the future.” Lord Acton

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 28, 2021

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Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


Book Review – Missionaries by Paul Klay | The TLS
Kosovo – Unravelling Liberal Interventionism, By Gëzim Visoka, Vjosa Musliu | Routledge
Virtue Hoarders – The Dictatorship of Virtue Geoff Shullenberger | Washington Examiner


Vaccine Vaccine Wars | Bruno Maçães
US/Europe/Russia – To Silence Navalny, Putin Will Try to Enlist the West, Jeremy Stern | Foreign Affairs   
Health/Europe – Europe faces identity crisis over vaccine trade war, Jakob Hanke Vela | Politico 
Health/Eastern Europe – The geopolitics of covid vaccines in Europe’s eastern neigbourhood, Asli Aydintasbas et al., ECFR 
Europe/China/Sanctions – Extraterritorial Sanctions With a Chinese Trademark, S. Blockmans | CEPS   
EU/Turkey ­–Low expectations: A year of renewal for the EU-Turkey relationship, ECFR   
Europe/China – Europe’s China Chimera, Peter Rough, Hudson Institute
US/Belarus – Biden and Belarus: A Strategy for the New Administration, Anders Åslund, Melinda Haring, John E. Herbst, and Alexander Vershbow | Atlantic Council 
US/Europe/Russia – To Silence Navalny, Putin Will Try to Enlist the West, Jeremy Stern | Foreign Affairs   

Research & Analysis

Think Tank Index – 2020 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, James G. McGann | TTCSP
Economy/Global – World Economic Outlook Update, IMF
Health/China – China’s Health Diplomacy during Covid-19, Moritz Rudolf, SWP
Climate/Security – Climate Security Assessment: A Methodology and Assessment of the Nexus between Climate Hazards and Security of Nations and Regions, Elisabeth Dick and Michel Rademacher, Hague Centre for Strategic Studies 
Security – What Is So Foreign About Foreign Influence Operations? Hedvig Ördén and James Pamment, Carnegie Endowment    


The Professional-Managerial Class w/ Catherine Liu | The Jacobin Show

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