Your Tuesday Briefing

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts. Bertrand Russell

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 19, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Tuesday Briefing


Book Reviews –  Empire, race and global justice, by Dani Solomon | International Affairs
Livres/Recension – « Les capitalismes à l’épreuve de la pandémie », de Robert Boyer – Éric Monnet | La Vie des idées
Books – “Grounded Nationalisms: A Sociological Analysis”, by Siniša Malešević | Center for Nationalism Studies PDF


US – America’s New Corporate Tyranny, by Michael Lind | Tablet Magazine
US – America’s Political Decay Accelerates  Francis Fukuyama, Foreign Affairs
US – Last Chance for American Power  Andrew Michta, National Review
US – Conspiracy Theories will Doom the Republican Party, Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE), The Atlantic 
US – Foreign Policy Priorities for the Biden Administration, Chatham House   
US – America and the World: How to Build Back Better, Jonathan Tepperman and Fareed Zakaria, Foreign Policy 
Russia – Navalny Is Russian for ‘Domestic Enemy Number One’  Ben Hall, Financial Times
Russia – What Navalny’s Return Means for Putin  Felix Light, New Statesman
China – New Lessons on China’s International Aid  Zhang Chao & Tang Yuxuan, The Diplomat
China/AI – Can China Become the AI Superpower?  Jinghan Zeng with Ben Horton, Chatham House US/Europe/Corruption – Biden Can’t Fight Corruption Without Help From Europe, Kathleen Doherty, Foreign Policy 
Germany – Merkel era may only just be beginning, Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico  
US-EU/China –US-EU united front on China faces challenges | Hinrich Foundation
UK/EU – The UK and EU are heading for bad-tempered rivalry, unless we can avert it, Timothy G. Ash, ECFR
Technology –Why a dawn of technological optimism is breaking, The Economist 
US/Iran – Iran Struggles to Fill Vacuum Left by Soleimani  Ali Hashem, Center for Global Policy
Africa – Tunisia’s Revolution: Unfulfilled, Unforgotten  Tharwa Boulifi, African Arguments
Taiwan Policy – Sudden Policy Change Does Taiwan No Favors  Michael Green & Bonnie Glaser, CSIS

Research & Analysis

Germany/US – More Ambition, Please! Toward a New Agreement between Germany and the United States, German Transatlantic Group, GMF
US/Trade – The Trade Agenda for the 46th U.S. President – Advancing Global Economic Order? Peter Rashish, Konrad Adenauer Foundation  


Covid/écologie –  « Le confinement est définitif » Bruno Latour | France Culture

Ce que le numérique fait aux humanités, par Bruno Latour

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