Your Thursday Briefing

America’s present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration. – Warren G. Harding

By Azra Isakovic

Jan. 14, 2021

Good morning

Welcome to Your Thursday Briefing


Books –  La société de vigilance. Auto-surveillance, délation et haines sécuritaires, par Vanessa Codaccioni | Éditions Textuel
Books – Introduction à Antonio Gramsci by George HOARE, Nathan SPERBER | Éditions La Découverte
Books –  French Defence Policy Since the End of the Cold War, by Alice Pannier, Olivier Schmitt  | Routledge Books
Books –  Rivals in Arms: The Rise of UK-France Defence Relations in the Twenty-First Century by Alice Pannier | McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal


US – Impeachable Speech, Katherine Shaw, Emory Law Journal 
US – Institutional Integrity: Learning the Right Lessons from the Capitol Siege, Suzanne Spaulding and Devi Nair, CSIS 
US – We Tried to Warn You, Timothy McLaughlin, The Atlantic  
US/China/Technology – What the Cold War can teach Washington about Chinese tech tensions, Brendan Thomas-Noone, Brookings  
Lithuania – Vilnius at 30 – Nothing Must Be Forgotten, Paul Goble  
Estonia – Estonia’s PM resigns as corruption scandal hits ruling coalition, Richard Milne, Financial Times 
Baltics/Russia – The Sorry State of Baltic-Russian Relations, Sergei Utkin, Carnegie Moscow  
Germany – A Small Window of Opportunity, Stefanie Babst, Internationale Politik Quarterly   
Technology/Digital – Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History, Ben Thompson, Stratechery 
Technology – The Global AI Index, Tortoise 
Technology/US – Summary of AI Provisions from the National Defense Authorization Act 2021, Stanford University Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence 
Europe – Will Europe Part Ways with Populism in 2021? Shane Markowitz, World Politics Review 

Research & Analysis

US/Health/Global – COVID-19 exposes a changed world: A prescription for renewing U.S. global partnership, George Ingram, Brookings  
Data/Tech – Good Intentions, Bad Inventions – The Four Myths of Healthy Tech, by Amanda Lenhart & Kellie Owens | Data & Society 📥 PDF
Arctic –The U.S.-Canada Northwest Passage Disagreement: Why Agreeing to Disagree Is More Important Than Ever, Suzanne Lalonde, in Kristina Spohr and Daniel S. Hamilton, editors, Jason Moyer, associate edito


Idées – Sommes-nous entrés dans une société de vigilance ? par Vanessa Codaccioni et Olivia Gesbert | France Culture

Une réflexion sur “Your Thursday Briefing

  1. Words like « healing » are presently used by those who fanned the flames of division even to the point of insurrection. Even now their supporters plot more violence, and they use words like ‘healing’ and ‘unity’ to stave off any consequences for their own actions.

    One does not heal an abusive relationship. One begins healing only after getting well away from the abuser.

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